Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Arvato Systems and Twelve Labs Take Video AI to the Next Level

The Arvato Systems Vidispine team and Twelve Labs, a leading provider of video AI solutions based in the United States, enter into an official partnership. The collaboration stems from a successful project undertaken with a shared client within the sports industry.

The primary objective of this partnership was to enhance the video browsing experience for clients, enabling easier navigation through video content and uncovering previously undetectable elements such as specific moves or player conversations, through advanced AI-driven analysis, that are not covered by classic metadata and filters. It quickly became clear that the integration had great potential to help a variety of customers from a wide range of sectors across the board and to improve and speed up working methods.

Integration of innovative AI technology in VidiNet enables effortless search and analysis of video content for clients worldwide. Twelve Labs uses multimodal video-language foundation models to capture the full semantic and contextual content of video. By integrating Twelve Labs’ video AI technology into VidiNet products, searching for specific video moments through natural language queries is made possible without reliance on metadata.

The integration between VidiNet products and Twelve Labs presents a solution where manual logging and metadata generation become obsolete. Users now have the ability to precisely locate specific moments within their video archives using natural language queries, seamlessly merge with the metadata indexed by VidiNet. Integrating Twelve Labs’ video-language foundation models in MediaPortal changes the way users can search for material as it eliminates the need to index all static metadata fields in VidiCore.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Twelve Labs. Their video understanding AI is a great addition to our portfolio. The incorporation of natural language search, combined with our MediaPortal search experience promises to streamline our customers’ work processes and to save them a lot of valuable time,” said Annika Kimpel, Partner Manager at Vidispine.

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