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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

7plus to Supercharge FAST channels, Ads and Personalisation

Australia’s Seven Network will supercharge its FAST strategy with the launch of more exclusive themed channels on 7plus in 2023.

7plus is currently home to more than 40 FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels and was the first BVOD streaming service in Australia to launch FAST channels in 2021.

7plus’ FAST channels offer audiences a linear viewing experience with a curated selection of globally recognised channel brands and premium content from across the Seven Network and 7plus.

In 2023, 7plus will launch additional premium FAST channels, with more advanced targeting. Alongside Seven’s program line-up and library of exclusive online-only premium content, Seven says 7plus is set for its biggest-ever year in 2023.

7plus’ FAST channel technology works by tapping into the industry-leading Channel Assembly feature in AWS Media Elemental MediaTailor, to dynamically mine Seven’s cloud-based program catalogue, generating virtual live-streaming channels.

This technology is combined with real-time consumption data from Seven’s audience intelligence platform, 7REDiQ, allowing 7plus to launch channels that target both the valuable audiences that clients want to reach, and the categories and programs that consumers want to see.

Ad Innovation

7plus has taken its existing suite of shoppable solutions to the “next level”, with Australia’s first API-based tool, which delivers of hundreds of different creative advertising assets to audiences in real time. Using 7Shop alongside 7REDiQ, brands can personalise their product or promotion to audiences based on gender, location, time of day or their interests.

To provide brands with even better access to shopper insights, Seven has also entered into an exclusive partnership with Visa, giving marketers the ability to access market-leading consumer purchasing insights from over 50 categories and use them across 50 new shoppable segments.

Brands can also use 7Shop to directly communicate with on-screen audiences via email, push notification and in-app integration thanks to a new click-to-contact feature. The new
feature enhances marketers’ ability to drive meaningful connections with qualified consumers, helping them save offers or discounts to redeem immediately or at a later date.


Driving even more powerful results and an enhanced viewer and advertising experience, 7plus has fully integrated Amazon Personalize, powered by artificial intelligence, for real-time personalised content recommendations and dynamic, personalised design on the 7plus platform.

Creating a stickier environment for brands to connect with viewers, this technology will make content more relevant and discoverable on 7plus, driving increased audience engagement through a personalised user interface. Every single user will receive content recommendations, a personalised homepage and program carousels, and even personalised show art based on their on and off-platform behaviour.

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said: “Our FAST channels have streamed over 300 million minutes so far in 2022 and have been a driver of growth for 7plus, as people embrace the ‘lean-back’ experience of watching a curated, scheduled channel.

“Our incredible personalisation technology, considered the benchmark globally, will also drive further audience engagement on 7plus, as we use AWS technology to further enhance our user experience and cement 7plus as the leading free streaming service in Australia.

“Viewers are watching more content than ever before, and there is more content available than ever before, so helping our audiences find curated content that matches their specific interests has never been more important,” he said.

Seven West Media National Sales Director of Digital, Nicole Bence, said: “In 2023, we are focused on delivering the viewing experience of the future and growing 7plus through incredible levels of personalisation, shoppable ad innovation and new, data-driven FAST channels.

“Our new personalisation technology uses custom machine learning models that deliver highly personalised recommendations to viewers and creating highly addressable audiences for brands to connect with. This is something no other Australian-based BVOD competitor can match.

“For our clients and agency partners, this means aligning their brands alongside the vast library of 7plus premium content that is customised to the individual user in the most impactful and targeted way. This improves the overall customer journey and delivers the best experience for our audiences and advertisers,” she said.

“Combined with our exciting new shoppable solutions, Visa partnership and powerful first party data insights from 7REDiQ, Seven is providing a powerful opportunity for brands to get closer to their target audience than ever before.”

According to Seven, 7plus has seen over 10.5 billion minutes streamed so far in 2022, and the platform reaches over four million active and consented users a month.


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