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Sunday, July 14, 2024

ABC Australia Delivers for International Viewers

The ABC has relaunched its international television service under the new brand ABC Australia, strengthening the impact of distinctive Australian content for audiences across Asia and the Pacific.

From the 1st of July, the Australia Plus channel (formerly known as Australia Network) will be rebranded ABC Australia to clearly align it with the ABC. The channel will continue to offer Australian news, current affairs, entertainment and cultural enrichment programs, for audiences across 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The rebranding follows the lifting of the geo-block on the ABC NEWS live streaming video on the ABC website and YouTube channels, allowing audiences to watch more of the ABC’s high-quality Australian content from wherever they are in the world.

ABC Australia will deliver distinctive content to culturally and linguistically diverse international audiences and to Australian expatriates, encouraging international awareness and understanding of Australia and Australian attitudes, including:

  • Coverage of national events, such as Anzac Day, Stargazing Live and Tropfest.
  • An Australian perspective on key global events, such as the meeting between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
  • Live coverage of AFL men’s and women’s matches.
  • Australian news, information, entertainment and drama.
  • New programs, such as Matter of Fact With Stan Grant and The National Wrap with Patricia Karvelas.
  • Agenda-setting programs, such as The World, The Drum and The Business.
  • ‘Slice-of-home’ shows offering insights into Australian attitudes and interests, such as Gardening Australia, Landline, Catalyst and Behind The News.
  • The ABC Australia TV channel is part of a suite of services the ABC provides to international audiences, including ABC Radio Australia and digital services. ABC Radio Australia is not affected by the changes.

ABC Head of International Strategy David Hua said, “The ABC is Australia’s most trusted and independent source of conversations, culture, and stories. The rebranding of the international television service makes sense to our audiences overseas, who want distinctive Australian content from a highly-respected media organisation.”


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