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Monday, May 27, 2024

ABC Radio Australia Launches in Palau

In a first for the northern Pacific region, residents of Palau can now enjoy ABC Radio Australia’s full service on 91.5FM.

The service launch comes after a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2023 between the ABC and the Republic of Palau’s national radio broadcaster, Eco Paradise FM (EPFM). It is the first time since 2014 that ABC Radio Australia has been available as a full channel service to northern Pacific audiences.

Attended by Palau’s Vice President, the Hon. Uduch Sengebau Senior, the launch event at EPFM’s Koror headquarters on Friday 3 May coincided with International Press Freedom Day.

ABC International Head Claire M. Gorman said: “The Palau launch marks another important milestone in the ongoing expansion of ABC Radio Australia’s FM footprint in the Pacific and cements our collaboration with EPFM and the people of Palau.”

ABC Radio Australia head Justine Kelly, who co-hosted the launch event, said: “I’m excited that audiences in Palau will now have access to the very best of Pacific news, music, sports, culture and health programming, all day, every day via the new service.”

Australian Ambassador to Palau, Richelle Turner, also attended the launch event and Gorman acknowledged the Australian Embassy in Palau’s support in brokering the 2023 MOU with EPFM.

Acting Director of the Palau Bureau Archives and Media, Linda Ngirameketii, who co-hosted the launch event, added: “I express my wholehearted support for today’s ABC Radio Australia launch in Palau in partnership with EPFM 87.9, Ngerel Belau AM 1584 and the Palau Division of Media & Information Services (DMIS). I am so happy to see ABC Radio Australia return to the Palau airwaves, bridging the distances for many listeners near and far. Through radio waves and the power of media, communities are united and vital information disseminated, reaching many in the Pacific region. We welcome this endeavour, knowing it will resonate far beyond the shores of Palau.”

Palau’s Acting Chief of the Media Division Rondy Ronny, who MC’d the launch event, said: “Radio Australia stands as a beacon of connectivity, illuminating the vast potential of the airwaves in the Pacific Ocean. Its opening here in Palau marks not just a milestone in broadcasting, but a testament to the power of media to unite, inform and inspire. I envision this new platform as a catalyst for innovation, education, and cultural exchange, enriching the Palau communities and advancing our collective understanding of our surrounding waters.”

In coming weeks and months, more countries and locations will also receive ABC Radio Australia’s service, including Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia, Kokopo in Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Kiribati, the Cook Islands, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands.


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