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Friday, May 31, 2024

ABC TV-splains Gaming in New Series

Parents have many questions around the issue of technology. Screen time, online engagement, social media. These are all issues facing parents as new generations grow up with tech at their fingertips. Video games are at the very forefront of this movement and are often the scapegoat for critics when it comes to demonising technology. In this new short form series from gaming expert and new parent Nich Richardson, questions are asked, issues are discussed, and facts are sorted form the fiction.

Help! My Kid Is A Gamer! aims to inform parents, helping them have an educated and mature conversation with their children around video games. The series is constructed via interviews with university professors, psychology doctors, technology experts, behavioural scientists and parents who specialise in gaming and technology.

Free from hype or hyperbole, the series is driven by data and research rather than opinion or hearsay. This is not to say the series will be dry and free of personality. Nich brings his own comedic style to the series which aims to entertain as well as inform and educate.

Each episode starts with a question which Nich aims to answer. The subjects addressed across 5 episodes:

  • Classification & Violence
  • Screen-time & Addiction
  • Microtransactions & Loot-Boxes
  • Parent Controls & Safety
  • Benefits of gaming

Help! My Kid Is A Gamer! launches on 14 October on ABC iview.


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