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Sunday, July 14, 2024

ABS-CBN, Theta Labs Partner to Enhance SEA Media and Entertainment

Theta Labs, the blockchain infrastructure provider for Web3 media and entertainment, recently announced a partnership with ABS-CBN, the Philippines content company. Following the success of ‘Idol Philippines’ on ThetaDrop, Theta will be the Web3 video infrastructure partner to power ABS-CBN’s various business units and its digital collectibles NFT business.

The partnership between Theta Labs and ABS-CBN brings fresh opportunities for media and entertainment fans in the Philippines. These projects include NFT collections that fans will have the opportunity to own unique digital collectibles, offering a new way to engage and connect with their favourite characters and stories.

In addition, ABS-CBN has also confirmed that they will be utilising Theta’s Video API across various business units. This will allow them to experiment and explore the potential of Web3 technology to enhance the viewer’s experience. With the use of Theta’s technology, ABS-CBN aims to bring Web3 features and capabilities to its viewers and offer new ways to discover and engage with their favourite content.

“The widespread adoption of subscription and ad-supported streaming services, original IP and content in Southeast Asia, coupled with the success of the ‘Idol Philippines’ digital collectibles on the Theta blockchain, demonstrates the potential for exponential growth in the region,” said Mitch Liu, CEO at Theta Labs. “Through this partnership with ABS-CBN, we are thrilled to bring Theta’s video and Web3 infrastructure to millions of viewers in the media and entertainment industry.”

“Our partnership with ThetaLabs is a very exciting chapter for us,” said Jamie Lopez, Head of Digital at ABS-CBN Corporation. “We are looking forward to testing and exploring Theta’s Web3 video and NFT DRM infrastructure and how it can enhance our audience experience across various businesses and IPs. Working with Theta will bring new features and capabilities to our viewers and push entertainment boundaries.”


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