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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Access Brand Co Launches Live APAC Streaming Commerce Platform

International brand management business Access Brand Co. has launched a new live commerce sales platform, partnering with leading international ‘Celebrity Streamers’, with an initial focus on APAC. The platform is designed to raise brand awareness and drive sales of Access Brand Co’s portfolio of premium health and wellness products by providing the top tier of independent ultra influencers with unique brand experiences, combined with an introduction to the Australian lifestyle.

Live commerce is gaining traction globally, with Mckinsey calling it “the next wave of the e-commerce revolution” while techcrunch values the US market at USD$11 billion and China’s industry at $600 billion respectively, although the US is expected to reach $35 billion by 2024.

The first partner on this programme, Nicole Chenyn, is a leading Chinese Influencer with a combined social reach of over 1.9 million followers across platforms like TikTok, Douyin, Insta, Facebook and WeChat. Immersed in a range of creative brand experiences in Sydney over five days, Nicole shared the journey with her followers with seven teaser videos building anticipation for a bigger, live streaming sales event scheduled to take place on 27th April. To date the content has had over half a million likes and shares, and 3M total views.

Access Brand Co. Chief Brand Officer, Livia Wang, commented: “The launch of the Celebrity Streamer Platform is the next step in the diversification of our retail channels. We already have the VTN platform which has had over 12 million unique users and our network of over 80,000 social retailers. Working with the very top tier of professional social sellers, like Nicole, enables us to raise awareness of our brands and products in a way that’s curated specifically for their particular audience of video shoppers. We’ve been impressed by the way that Nicole and her team have worked creatively to build engagement for our brands while keeping the style of her content consistent and authentic. Significantly, she sold over $327,466 AUD of our hero products during her latest live commerce event.”

“With live commerce, you can throw away the rule book on social media and brand marketing, because everything pivots towards what works for that one distinct ultra influencer and their community within a real time context. Working with Celebrity Streamers, it’s the influencer who is in charge, not the brand managers. Live commerce is an amazing and powerful new sales platform, and we are integrating it within our sales and marketing strategy.”

Access Brand Co Celebrity Streamers Program Manager, Amelia Hu, commented: “Celebrity Streamers is like the Top Gun of live commerce, the best of the best. As online retail merges with live streaming to create live commerce, credibility and authenticity is still at the heart of brand success.”


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