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Thursday, July 18, 2024

ACMA Extends Feedback Deadline for Five-Year Spectrum Outlook

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has extended its submission deadline for feedback on its draft Five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO) 2023–28 which provides a broad overview of trends that affect spectrum management and factors used to inform the ACMA’s planning and spectrum allocation priorities.

The draft FYSO is a key part of the ACMA’s engagement with industry and the community on our spectrum management priorities. The draft FYSO includes a detailed annual work program, with activities and milestones for the 2023–24 financial year. The work program is a requirement under section 28E of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

According to the ACMA, the draft FYSO’s focus areas demonstrates it is:

continuing to implement planning outcomes for mid-band spectrum in the 3.4–4.0 GHz band to support the deployment of 5G services in Australia

advancing a number of bands in the planning process, including adding 3 bands to the preliminary replanning stage: 1.5 GHz, the extended L-band (1518–1525 MHz and 1668–1675 MHz) and 1.9 GHz

gauging interest in the use of spectrum in the 2 GHz band for deploying MSS, and the availability of equipment to allow deployment to occur

progressing activities relating to spectrum licences due to expire between 2028 and 2032
completing television technical research and continuing to support radio planning and allocation activity, including radio technology trials.

The consultation now closes at COB Friday, 12 May 2023. The ACMA expects to publish the final FYSO 2023–28 in the first quarter of the 2023–24 financial year.


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