Sunday, April 14, 2024

ACMA Finds EME Levels Low Near Small Cell Mobile Base Stations

New measurements from the Australian Communications & Media Authority show that levels of electromagnetic energy (EME) at small cell sites across Australia are very low.

Small cells are radio transmitters for mobile phone services. Telcos install them on structures such as light poles, bus shelters and the sides of buildings.

In early 2020, we measured 59 small cell sites across the country. The results show that, for all sites measured, the EME levels in publicly accessible areas are less than 1% of the Australian Standard exposure limit for the general public.

The report is part of our small cells compliance program, announced in April 2019. The program assesses telcos’ compliance with the EME Standard for small cell deployments and is one of our compliance priorities for 2019–20. The measurement program will continue into 2020–21.

The ACMA is responsible for making sure people, equipment and devices comply with safe EME limits, consistent with the limits set by ARPANSA, the Australian Government’s expert agency on health matters related to EME.


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