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ACMA releases RALI MS48 for interim access to 5055–5065 MHz

Following consultation in May 2022, ACMA has released RALI MS48 to enable access to 5055–5065MHz band for line-of-sight (LoS) remote piloted aircraft system (RPAS) command and non-payload communication (CNPC) links. This will be on an interim basis, pending development of international spectrum arrangements.

These arrangements are:

  • Based on the latest draft version of the relevant ITU document, being PDNR ITU-R.M.[CNPC_CHAR_5GHz], which was last updated at the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication sector ITU-R Working Party 5B meeting in July 2022.
  • Limited to the ‘middle’ 10 MHz (5055–5065MHz) of 5030–5091MHz band.
  • Based on a 40 x 250kHz channel raster. PDNR ITU-R.M.[CNPC_CHAR_5GHz] recommends 250 kHz channel bandwidths for CNPC, so the RALI commensurately prescribes a centrally loaded 40 x 250kHz channel plan. This lies within a notional operating radius of 200 km from the registered aeronautical (ground/UACS) station location.

The interim RALI will remain in force only until more permanent arrangements have been consulted on and put in place.


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