Monday, May 20, 2024

ACMA Replaces Outside Broadcast Frequency Plan

After considering the issues raised in its review of the 2GHz Television Outside Broadcast Frequency Band Plan, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has revoked the Television Outside Broadcast (1980–2110 MHz and 2170–2300 MHz) Frequency Band Plan 2012 and created the following new frequency band plans:

  • the Radiocommunications (Mobile-Satellite Service) (1980–2010 MHz and 2170–2200 MHz) Frequency Band Plan 2022 (the 2 GHz MSS band plan)
  • the Radiocommunications (Television Outside Broadcasting) (2010–2110 MHz and 2200–2300 MHz) Frequency Band Plan 2022 (the new TOB band plan).

According to ACMA, the new TOB band plan includes revisions to ensure there are no changes to previous arrangements in the band, including for ongoing TOB services.

In making the announcement, the Authority said, “We are now consulting on planning arrangements in the 7.2 GHz band to prepare for migration of TOB services.

“We received 14 submissions to this consultation. Several respondents raised concerns that changes to arrangements in the proposed draft TOB band plan for services in the bands 2010–2110 MHz and 2200–2300 MHz (for example, earth stations) are contrary to our objective of no change to arrangements in these bands. These changes were unintentional.

“We are still considering responses to the related consultation on proposed licensing arrangements for 2 GHz narrowband mobile-satellite services and 28 GHz fixed-satellite services and expect to announce outcomes of that consultation in July 2022.”


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