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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Adam Howden ACS Chooses ARRI ALEXA Mini

It’s been a successful and busy time for Adam Howden ACS recently as not only did the talented cinematographer receive ACS accreditation but he also decided to take the plunge and purchase an ARRI ALEXA Mini camera.

Adam has used the camera all across Australia, most recently in Darwin where even with high temperatures and humidity the Mini didn’t miss a beat. “I’ve had the camera in cars, cranes, boats and planes and it just keeps on keeping on. Being able to rely on the camera and emphatically trust the images you can create with the sensor really does put your mind at ease. You can push it all over the place and it just produces great pictures.”

According to Howden he wanted a camera that had several features, all related to quality and functionality as he added, “I wanted a camera that had great dynamic range, high resolution, a true anamorphic sized sensor, could shoot high speed and frankly had the ‘ALEXA’ look for the right price. In other words, nothing but the ALEXA Mini would do.”

In the last year Adam has shot a diverse range of TVCs and a short film on the Mini. He’s about to shoot his debut feature film with it, already familiar with the camera’s low light images and HDR capability. “On Fidget and Foil, part of a series of short films produced for the ABC, I shot anamorphic and pushed the camera to 1600 ISO at 50fps for a lot of the night scenes and it looked gorgeous. That fact that I can be shooting low light high ISO anamorphic one day and bright backlit daylight with the internal NDs the next makes life with the camera simple and elegant.

Delighted with his purchase, Howden continues to draw on the Mini’s form and function adding, I shoot a lot of handheld and having a smaller camera package is a big advantage as I can pack it down and easily take it interstate. It’s also industry standard so it interfaces with everyone else gear easily and it’s an ALEXA so you can pretty much trust it to be bulletproof.”

Adam’s decision to make the switch to Mini has been just as positive on professional sales, parts and service departments all of whom are efficient, thorough and quick to respond. In saying that the camera has performed flawlessly since I purchased it.”


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