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Adelaide Oval and KOJO Choose Ross Video Tessera

The Adelaide Oval regularly plays host to cricket matches, two Australian Rules football teams, soccer games and live concerts and events. KOJO, the company responsible for all game day production, was asked by the Adelaide Oval to further develop the stadium control room (which includes the Carbonite production switcher and XPression graphics suite from Ross) by adding XPression Tessera – the latest addition to Ross Video’s line of real-time graphics products and workflow tools.

Suited to sports scoreboards, ribbon boards and studio video walls, Tessera enables users to link together multiple XPression engines to create seamless output of scenes across large or irregularly assembled display panels. Frame-accurate, non-tearing recall of graphics and clips across any section of the display is made possible with XPression’s new Multi-Engine Sync technology, enabling incredibly dynamic animations and transitions. Tessera was first seen in the world’s largest and most expensive sports venue – the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atalanta, Georgia – which features a ‘halo’ screen running around the perimeter of the retractable roof.

Commenting on the Adelaide install, Stephen Lord from KOJO highlights control as being a key factor for the production team. “Andrew Daniels, CEO of Adelaide Oval, gives us a simple brief, to deliver a world class fan experience. As existing Ross customers we were aware of the Mercedes-Benz stadium project and after a thorough review of platforms we identified Tessera as an incredibly powerful way for us to run ribbon boards and integrated experiences at Adelaide Oval. Our creative team are constantly pushing the boundary of what is possible so the challenge for us was always going to be how we could get the best set-up and control for our production team.”

“Fortunately, we received a great deal of support from the Ross team who worked with us to create custom control panels in DashBoard, Ross Video’s open platform facility control solution. As a result, we’re now using DashBoard to control a number of different devices in addition to Tessera and we’re very pleased at how easy the system has been to setup and configure. Sports is a competitive market and we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the game day experience and draw more people into the stadium. Products like Tessera help give us an edge and that’s great for us, the stadium and all the sponsors associated with the events we run.”

Amanda Leighton, Ross’ Director of Sales for Oceania, understands the commercial pressures facing sports content producers. “Sports venues understandably focus on ROI and want to maximise the value of each live event they host. This puts pressure on everyone to be more creative, to work more efficiently and to make the biggest possible impact with the live audience. Ross is responding to those creative, business and technical challenges and it’s no surprise that our global footprint in sports production has grown so rapidly in the last 12 months.”

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