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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AEQ Highlights Xpeak Intercom at Broadcast India

Audio manufacturer AEQ will be at Broadcast India 2022 (13th to 15th of October) on the booth of local partner, SRSG (booth G1), highlighting its new distributed global intercom system, Xpeak.

Technical coordination within a Broadcast Production team is essential. Xpeak Intercom System has been developed with technology providing the highest quality interconnecting circuits in the simplest way possible. With Xpeak, you can forget about complicated communications and totally focus on the production.

Xpeak supports three modes of operation. The virtual matrix mode enables the elements of the system to form a network of peer-to-peer devices with ethernet virtualization. The 4-channel Party Line mode determines which channels are to be used for communications by each User panel. In addition, the Xpeak panels can work with other AEQ Intercom Systems (Conexia, Crossnet …).

Xpeak panels are interconnected to virtual networks acting as if they all resided in the same physical production centre.

Whether or not they are on the same LAN, or scattered in different locations with access to the Internet or a WAN, the Xpeak system allows your devices to auto-discover each other, even without being previously subscribed to the network. This absolutely facilitates the implementation of local and delocalized intercom systems.


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