Friday, May 24, 2024

Agile Broadcast’s Macquarie Media 6PR Radio Studio Relocation

Agile Broadcast recently undertook the project of the 6PR studio rebuild for Macquarie Media Limited. The project involved the supply and fit-out of an entire, new MCR, two on-air studios, two production studios, one vocal booth, one interstate contribution studio, a producer’s area, a newsroom and a news booth. It was a turnkey project with Agile supplying an integrated Wheatstone system which incorporated LXE console surfaces.

Due to the advanced technology involved, Agile were able to keep the fader count down and therefore allowing for a smaller console footprint. Agile utilised Screenbuilder software for the news booth, producer’s area and edit stations. Q-Sys was chosen as the platform for intercom and talkback routing due to the ability for it to be customised to the needs of Macquarie.

A big challenge within this concept was maintaining continuity of broadcast whilst implementing the changes that were needed. Aaron Alphonso, CTO of Macquarie Media Ltd stated “Agile Broadcast to me, are the most accomplished and experienced broadcast integration providers and technical project managers in the market today. Coupled with years of extensive industry knowledge and experience, each project that they undertake is done so with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. With 6PR, Agile have delivered very accurately on the request to minimise the clutter and the sea of buttons in the studio, to abstract the commonly used and labour-intense console functionality and relegate it to a glass surface as well as to automate tasks where possible, and present only the most important and relevant functions as tactile controls to the operator, thereby allowing them to concentrate on the task of making great radio! I am extremely happy with how our studio relocation in Perth has been completed, especially in relation to the seamless cut-over of services and studios, and look forward to working with Agile again in the future.”


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