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Monday, June 17, 2024

Alibaba’s 4K Garden Takes IP/4K Truck from Sony

Sony China Professional Solutions Group (CPSG) is to deliver an IP/4K outside broadcast (OB) truck to 4K Garden, a 4K content service provider owned by China’s Alibaba group.

The full IP/4K OB truck that Sony China is contracted to build will have eight 4K cameras, and will be the most advanced of its kind in China. With Sony’s core 4K/HDR/IP production equipment and solutions, the truck can also be upgraded to utilise up to 16 cameras in the future.

Kit included is:

  • HDC-4300, 4K/HD system camera
  • XVS-7000, Multi-format production switcher
  • PWS-4400, 4K/HD multi-port AV storage unit
  • Live System Manager Software


4K Garden’s Chairman and founder, Wu Yi, explained that 4K Garden set out to be China’s largest 4K content creation and distribution platform.

“Assisted with the great support from Sony, we have purchased a large amount of Sony 4K equipment to encourage users to shoot more productions in 4K,” said Wu Yi. “We have already had positive response from 4K production teams throughout China. They all expressed a willingness to use our Sony 4K equipment. We hope to continue working with Sony to develop the 4K industry and provide viewers with higher quality audio-visual entertainment experiences.”

4K Garden has also established over 100 workstations which can each produce 30 hours of 4K content every year, amounting to over 3000 hours per year of 4K content in total. In 2017, 4K Garden will also produce live content in 4K, with a plan to broadcast up to 50 live performances. This was the primary reason that 4K Garden decided to purchase a large-scale 4K OB truck from Sony. As the business grows, 4K Garden may require up to eight IP/4K OB trucks to produce premium content.

Sony has had a number of successful HD and 4K OB truck deals in China. Moriharu Ide, President and Chairman of Sony Professional Solution China, believes that “the combination of Sony’s strength in core 4K/HDR and IP technology, along with 4K Garden’s determination to create high-quality 4K content, will ensure that the cooperation between the two is a fruitful one. Sony is happy to support 4K Garden’s efforts in promoting its 4K business in China, as well as to work with China’s OTT companies to expedite the growth of the 4K industry in the country.”


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