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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Amber to Distribute WIDI Master Wireless MIDI Over Bluetooth Solution

Singapore-based professional audio manufacturer CME Pro has appointed Amber Technology to distribute its WIDI Master wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter in the Australian and New Zealand music instrument (MI) markets.

WIDI Master offers a complete solution that will save time and expand the ways to use MIDI, opening new possibilities for musicians in the studio and on stage. The WIDI Master is the first Bluetooth MIDI adapter that can perform as both a peripheral or central device, allowing fast, low-latency and stable point-to-point wireless connections between any two devices. The WIDI Master allows the user to connect MIDI devices without wires, whether they are master or slave.

  • Connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices by using two WIDI Masters
  • Pair a Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device with one WIDI Master
  • Play a standalone MIDI hardware with any iOS device or Mac by using one WIDI Master. WIDI Master will switch automatically to slave mode using the MIDI smart algorithm
  • Pair MIDI devices automatically

Bluetooth MIDI was originally developed by Apple, so WIDI will operate with Apple seamlessly. On a Windows PC Bluetooth MIDI requires music software to implement Microsoft’s new UWP API which includes Bluetooth MIDI class compliant driver.

MIDI Master is available now through MI retailers. 


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