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Friday, June 14, 2024

AMC Supponor Targets Ads with VideoFlow and Magna

Recently, Magna Systems deployed an alternate broadcast feed for Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) with virtual advertising delivered by AMC Supponor. The VideoFlow system was easily and reliably utilised across the public internet with 4G and 5G backup for load sharing at second biggest event on the GRNSW calendar, Ladbroke’s Golden Easter Egg Event.

As AMC Supponor COO, David Adams, explained, “AMC Supponor were demonstrating our latest AI-powered virtual advertising placement system at the event. In order to provide enhanced coverage of the Golden Easter Egg Final for, and, we worked with Magna and GRNSW to deliver targeted and relevant advertising for the different broadcast feeds.”

AMC Supponor’s AI system can replace static and digital billboard advertising, including ads on the barrier fence and different ads on the track or field through multiple broadcast feeds. At this particular event, Ladbrokes signage replaced barrier signage at the dog races on the Ladbrokes app, whilst local Ladbrokes commentators were at the track.

Adams continued, “The requirement for AMC Supponor was to provide an augmented virtual feed which had ten virtual advertisement locations placed around the track. For each race there were different ads placed in those ten locations through a playlist which was created in the AMC Supponor system for each participating brand. For the enabling technology we turned to Magna who provided us with an excellent VideoFlow solution.”

In total, Magna set-up and provided a VideoFlow internet gateway to deliver the HD content to Telstra Broadcast Services, which then made it available to, and Magna used both the local internet connection and Telstra 5G in a load sharing scenario to deliver the content with zero packet loss across the six hour event. For further efficiencies the VideoFlow solution would also dynamically use 5G data if the internet feed fell below a predetermined data rate, totally in sync and without any picture interruption.

David Adams concluded, “The virtual feed provided by Magna was delivered seamlessly with very little latency and in very clear vision. The ability to send out a feed without relying on the tradition movement of feeds, made the process very efficient and gave us a significant edge in remote production. Finally, being able to use the existing NBN network is a revelation.”

Magna Systems group CEO, Matthew Clemesha added, “VideoFlow is a gamechanger for cost effective delivery of remote content by utilising what has been previously touted as the unreliable public internet. By having seamless load sharing with 4G and 5G mobile data, this system becomes extremely resilient and reliable whilst maintaining contribution standard quality with sub-second end-to-end latency.”

VideoFlow is a founding member of the RIST Forum and leads development for contribution and distribution of broadcast content over the public internet or any IP network.



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