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ARC EDIT and ARC FILM Upgrade with Digistor

ARC EDIT is one of Australia’s most successful and forward-thinking facilities. Along with ARC FILM it boasts 13 premium Avid offline suites, an SDR and HDR/Dolby Vision colour suite and screening theatrette with audio monitoring in stereo, 5.1 and 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos plus three Flame online/VFX Linux rooms available across Sydney and Melbourne. There are two 1Gbps connections at both sites, along with Colourfront remote-session technology. Their studios have been architecturally designed and specifically tailored to create a welcoming environment that fosters creativity and collaboration for the industry’s very best storytellers. Recently the company moved Sydney premises and expanded their technology offering. For that they turned to Digistor.

ARC EDIT co-owner, Joe Perkins, explained, “We undertook a big move from Darlinghurst to Alexandria and as part of that move upgraded our technology facilities and offering. We chose to deal with Digistor as we needed the reassurance of a company who had significant expertise along with comprehensive and reliable support options. Part of the move was also to officially set up their new dedicated film company, ARC FILM.”

ARC EDIT has grown consistently over the last six years. Part of that growth came from the long form and film community. Thus, the company decided to establish a dedicated film arm.

Perkins added, “Digistor and their key account manager, Olivier Jean, helped us acquire another two Avid NEXIS high-performance NAS bringing our total to four. In truth, most long form projects require their own dedicated NEXIS and workflows, so this very much was a key requirement. We also used Digistor to rebuild and upgrade the server room in our new Alexandria facilities. Digistor’s expertise was key in building a dedicated 25GB fibre network that could comfortably handle 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision files in our DI, Online & VFX departments. We also signed up for the Gold Digistor Customer Assurance Plan for ongoing peace of mind.”

Digistor is an Avid Elite Solutions Partner with expertise across the full range of Avid solutions including integration with other post software such as Blackmagic Resolve and Autodesk Flame plus networking and storage infrastructure.

ARC FILM’s Sydney studio contains five premium Avid offline suites and four large support rooms comfortable enough for multiple assistant seats or production spaces. It’s fair to say that ARC EDIT and ARC FILM can handle, manage and work with almost any kind of footage and format.

Perkins continued, “As our editing solutions doubled to number over 30 Avid offerings, Digistor also built us a 10GB Ethernet network which further helps our entire operation run smoothly and seamlessly.”

Within their commercial workflow, their editors typically work off a NEXIS Pro, then send media and AAFs to Colour and Online Editorial before they are mastered out.

Perkins explained, “For the most part TVCs have an SDR workflow but we have spent a lot of time and money also installing and establishing an HDR workflow that can seamlessly handle long-form requirements.”

As a result of their investment ARC EDIT is one of the only market leaders able to colour Dolby Vision (HDR) workflows and monitor the audio in 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos simultaneously.

This intentional technology-based approach also means that all ARC EDIT can grade and finish all kinds of traditional, online, social and digital productions.

Perkins said, “We put a great deal of thought into our technology offering. As a result, amongst other things, we are able to offer HDR finishing for commercials, do all kinds of VFX jobs with multiple looks and feels and handle every size and shape of production.”

It’s clear that Perkins along with fellow co-owners Peter Sciberras and Drew Thompson ASE, share the view that only the best technology and the best technology partners will suffice at ARC EDIT and ARC FILM.

Perkins concluded, “Price is never the deciding factor when we purchase technology and we only ever choose the right tools for the job. Avid is the most perfectly built and truest tool that a storyteller can use, hence our significant investment in Avid. Resolve is also another solution that’s making serious strides in the industry with more and more people moving to use it. Bearing this in mind our relationship with Olivier and the Digistor team is an incredibly important one. They are reliable, knowledgeable and offer very good service and support. This in turn helps ARC EDIT and ARC FILM be the best we can be and stay at the leading edge of innovation when delivering results for our clients.”


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