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Ashley Seward Motorsport Breaks Records with Comms from D2N

Ashley Seward Motorsport is one of the most successful teams in motorsport. The team runs cars in multiple categories with its biggest focus being the Porsche Carrera Cup in Australia. The team is also known for its leading edge in terms of the technology it brings to motorsport. Earlier this year, when the team took delivery of its new Porsche 992 cars, for comms the team turned to long term technology partner D2N – Technology Solutions.

Team owner, Ashley Seward explained, “I’ve known D2N MD, Jason Owen, for many years through the motorsport industry where D2N are known without question as the leader in comms solutions. Ashley Seward Motorsport run in a couple of categories in national motorsport where radios and headsets play a huge part and are extremely important in a race team in order to communicate with your driver.”

Owen was instrumental in developing and implementing the original deal with Hytera to sponsor the Porsche Carrera Cup in Australia. This deal involved supplying each team with a radio package for the category with D2N providing after sales, service and support.

Owen said, “From a personal perspective, Ash and I hit it off because we are both can-do people. We make things happen and as proof of that, Ash has grown his Porsche involvement over the years to now be one of the biggest race management teams in the lane.”

Over time almost every Porsche team found their way to D2N for their comms solutions and Seward says he knows why.

He commented, “Quality is top of the list in terms of requirements and D2N have always provided this. The clarity in the quality of the comms that are used is very important, literally as important as the cars’ performance. No comms means no race wins, or certainly a very big disadvantage you have to overcome. Without doubt, reliability and quality are the top two priorities and these are the areas D2N excel in.”

D2N also builds and supplies custom wiring looms for the Porsche category. These are ready-made to length with Porsche specific connectors on, so they are plug and play.

Owen added, “We have also developed our own range of noise cancelling headsets giving the customer a layered product choice from an entry level option right up a Formula 1-style professional product. One thing D2N recognised years ago was how poorly the RF side of things was being done in motorsport. Low quality antenna cables, poor mounting and lots of incorrect antennas led to terrible comms. Over the years we have made correcting this a real focus and now the teams enjoy easy gains by using the right kit.”

Seward agrees and points out that the technology is one part of the equation but the knowledge and expertise D2N brings to the track is quite something else.

He continued, “D2N always have the full package from antennas to radio looms. They really are a one stop shop and always give us options to meet our requirements. We work very closely with D2N to come up with solutions to solve any issues we are having and they are always upgrading and providing the best quality products. This continuous improvement cycle is at the heart of everything D2N do in motorsport.”

As Seward mentioned, the team took delivery of new Porsche 992 race cars earlier this year and calling on D2N to provide the latest in comms solutions was a significant and important move.

Seward explained, “The Porsche 992 race cars are very important to our team and we knew that only D2N could help us achieve the best outcome for their comms. I know I can call Jason at any time, 24/7 and he and D2N will support us without question. No-one else even comes close in terms of customer service and having a real understanding of the motorsport operating environment.”

Ashley Seward Motorsport uses D2N comms solutions from car to pit and pit to car. At some tracks, such as Bathurst, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Townsville and Newcastle a repeater solution is required to give the track coverage required. In these cases, D2N also supplies the repeater packages to a number of teams on short term hire.

Owen said, “We also provide guidance on how to program their radios with the aim of getting the best quality audio possible. Another critical element is the helmet kit. If you start with poor quality audio at the car, then it’s an uphill battle all the way to try and improve it. D2N offers two ranges of helmet kits and due to their success, we sell hundreds of them every year across the globe.”

For Ashley Seward it’s clear that the D2N comms solutions combined with its after sales, service and support are unparalleled in the motorsport industry.

Seward concluded, “D2N’s customer support and the reliability of their technology is simply excellent as is their ability to repeatedly deliver high quality systems at a great price. The whole company is quick to answer questions and always there to assist us. This has created a very effective win-win situation and partnership for Ashley Seward Motorsport and one we intend to develop for many years to come.”


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