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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

AsiaSat’s 4K-SAT Channel to Broadcast UHD from 4KUNIVERSE

4KUNIVERSE, a new general entertainment UltraHD (UHD) channel, will be available on AsiaSat’s UHD channel ‘4K-SAT’ in mid May on AsiaSat 4, bringing to Asian viewers movies, TV series, documentaries and live sports filmed in 4K resolution.

The documentary ‘Seattle: The Emerald City’, the movie ‘The Toy Soldiers’ and TV series ‘Model Turned Superstar’ in UHD will be distributed throughout the Asia Pacific. 4KUNIVERSE is one of the first premium general entertainment 4K TV channels available to the global marketplace.

“Having AsiaSat as our strategic partner, we are able to demonstrate our high quality, compelling UHD content to the largest possible audience in Asia through AsiaSat’s unique satellite-delivered UHD platform on AsiaSat 4. While we are making our content available to all cable, DTH and IPTV operators in this region, we look forward to the launch of our full 24/7 UHD channel in Asia in Q4 2016,” said Matthew Mancinelli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 4KUNIVERSE and Mance Media.

“We are very pleased to welcome 4KUNIVERSE on board our UHD neighbourhood on AsiaSat 4. The immersive viewing experience of unique native UHD content enabled by satellite delivery will impress them,” said Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President of Marketing and Global Accounts, AsiaSat.

4K-SAT is available on AsiaSat 4 with the following reception parameters:

  • Orbital Location: 122°E
  • Transponder: A4-C13H
  • Downlink Frequency: 4120 MHz
  • Downlink Polarisation: Horizontal Transmission Standard: DVB-S2 Compression Standard: HEVC Modulation: 8PSK
  • Symbol Rate: 29.72 Msym/sec FEC: 5/6


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