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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Astro Activates Voice Control with ruwido

Ruwido is expanding into the Asian market through the partnership with Astro, the leading content and consumer company in Malaysia.

The cooperation with Astro has seen the first remote release to public beta participants in August 2019, with the latest generation of 4K Ultraboxes (hybrid set-top boxes). The new remote embedded with voice control technology will be introduced to the customers in the future without any hardware change.

“The Asian market is incredibly exciting and it makes us extremely proud that Astro, the forerunner in technology and leading in terms of content and innovation, trusts in our company, products and business performance,” said Ferdinand Maier, CEO of ruwido.

Sultan Shahrul Imran, VP, Product Engineering, at Astro said: “We aspire to provide compelling and engaging content for our audiences in Malaysia and beyond. We want to ensure the best possible experience, including how users interact with their TVs. With the remote control being a central part of the user experience, we have decided to partner with ruwido to offer our customers access to premium content in a convenient way.”

Reflecting and aligning with Astro’s characteristic design DNA, ruwido developed the remote control at its independent production site in Austria. The creation process takes place under one roof, from the design to the hardware and software production. Relying on quality, sustainability and responsible sourcing resulted in being at a front position in Europe and Canada and now with the partnership with Astro the company is setting a strong footprint as well in the Asian market.

Incorporating a combination of matt and glossy surfaces, the input device features a diagonal head in line with Astro’s design language. Hard key caps along with metal dome membranes ensure instant gratification and a distinct click feeling. The remote control also includes a find me feature, helping users to easily locate the remote. Connected with the cloud tv database, over-the-air updates ensure an always up to date input device.

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