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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Astro Design Uses DeckLink 8K Pro for Realtime 8K Camera and Lens Measurement

Blackmagic Design recently announced that Astro Design, a Japanese manufacturer specialising in 8K product design, is using Blackmagic Design DeckLink 8K Pro as part of their new real time modular transfer function (MTF) measurement system. The new IP-8030 was developed with NHK’s technological collaboration and will be used by broadcasters to test 8K products and systems.

Astro Design is a Japanese manufacturer specialising in real time high-speed digital signal processing and have a number of 4K/8K products. Their new IP-8030 will help broadcasters measure the resolution characteristics of the whole system including cameras and lenses by using the DeckLink 8K Pro to capture 8K feeds and feed them into the computer for testing. This will give TV stations, product manufacturers and rental houses the ability to test 8K workflows and products in real time.

Jin Sato, leader of business strategies department at Astro Design, spoke about how they developed this system: “What kind of camera should I choose? If attaching a lens and other accessories to the camera, would the resolution really be secured? These kinds of things are all done up to now by the eyes of someone experienced. There has been a demand for digitizing such ambiguity. Especially for high resolution cameras, people demand such standards.”

There has been a way to measure MTF, but it was very difficult to adjust framing and not real time analysis. “With DeckLink 8K Pro implemented in the system, you can capture 8K footage directly and measure it in real time while operating a lens.”

Before the DeckLink 8K Pro was released, this system supported up to 4K. “Since 4K/8K broadcast has been started in Japan, there are more demands for 8K support of this system. The DeckLink 8K Pro was the only option which could handle 8K, “ said Yohei Adachi, project leader of research and development.

He continued: “I found the DeckLink’s ability to embed ancillary data onto SDI very useful. A camera and a lens communicate with each other and the information for iris and focus distance can be sent to the camera. The DeckLink can receive such lens metadata embedded onto SDI, allowing for a customer to not take a memo manually, so the feature is really useful. The DeckLink also switches formats automatically as it reads Payload ID on SDI so don’t have to think about 12G-SDI or 6G-SDI. The DeckLink just recognise the difference of signals coming in.”

IP-8030 can be purchased with minimum configuration, just the application and license. For example, if a customer already has a DeckLink 8K Pro, they can use the DeckLink to capture and analyse the input video using the application. Also if the customer does not need 8K support and need Thunderbolt 3 support, some of other Blackmagic capture devices such as UltraStudio 4K Mini can be used for capturing. Thus, customers can choose the capture device based on their needs. Also, thunderbolt support means the customers can use their laptop or tablet.

“We would like to make these MTF values to be international standard. The more people who are involved in this video industry use MTF values, the more 8K contents with higher quality,” Sato concluded.


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