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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Astro, Tencent Stream Into Malaysian Cars


Malaysian company ACO Tech, a developer of smart mobility solutions has announced ATLAS (ACO Tech Local Automotive Services), an in-vehicle infotainment system that provides Malaysian drivers a localised, intelligent and connected experience with their cars.

Backed by an investment of RM30 million (USD$7.22 million), the Malaysian developed system is integrated with JOOX, the Tencent-owned music streaming service, and the Astro-owned SYOK radio and podcasting app.

Built with an AI-powered speech solution that has the enhanced capabilities to recognise Malaysian English at varying tones and speed, the ATLAS is able to handle various commands effectively, allowing the drivers to stay focus while being in control of the navigation, entertainment, communication, and in-vehicle functions. Its intelligent notification can even alert the drivers on the occurrences of extreme weather or when a tyre puncture is detected. The ATLAS voice assistant can be customised based on the owner’s preference.

The platform also features ATLAS Map – a native navigation system that supports real-time traffic information and safety-related features. ATLAS will also feature ATLAS Pay – an integrated automotive payment system powered by fintech partner Fass Payment Solutions (Fasspay).

Designed as a multifaceted system, the ATLAS is complimented with a mobile app – ATLAS Auto, that connects the driver to his car and the world whenever, wherever. Besides serving as a universal interface to the vehicle, the ATLAS Auto offers value-added features such as ATLAS Mall, ATLAS Discover, and ATLAS Vehicle which enable endless collaborative possibilities from brand partners and communities.


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