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Astro’s Ultra Remote Control Wins a 2020 Red Dot

Malaysia pay-TV provider Astro has won a prestigious 2020 Red Dot Award for Product Design in the “TV and Home Entertainment” category for its new Ultra remote. The Ultra remote was chosen by a jury of 40 international experts for its impressive user-friendly button layout and logically arranged layout thus enabling the device to be operated comfortably.

The Ultra remote is part of Astro’s new Ultra Box which features include 4K UHD, Cloud Recording and a new user interface that enables seamless content consumption across multi screens, improved content discovery with personalised recommendations, play from start functions and the ability to record multiple shows at the same time. More than 100,000 customers have installed the Ultra Box.

As part of its design, the surface of the Ultra remote consists of a combination of matte and gloss surface. Its characteristic feature is the splayed top, which reflects the Astro’s signature product styling. The buttons are made with premium hard plastic with metal dome membranes which provides instant feedback and precision clicking, thus improving the clicking experience.

Shahrul Imran Sultan, Vice President of Product Engineering, Astro said, “We are pleased with this win for the Ultra remote`s innovative design as part of our continuous improvement to provide our customers with better experiences. We are proud that the remote is not only well designed but it also combines form and function in an excellent way.”

Some future features of the remote include, a voice control function for content discovery and a find-me function to ensure that the remote remains easy to locate. The remote also works on a cloud-based TV database for the remote to be updated with the latest software to work with various TV brands in the market.

The remote was designed by ruwido exclusively for the Ultra Box, reflecting Astro’s brand and design. ruwido is an Austrian based company with the leading position in terms of design, technology and manufacturing of input devices and interaction mechanism.

“We all at ruwido are extremely proud about the brilliant relationship between Astro & ruwido. The Red Dot Award strongly underlines the story of success of our joint work over the last few months. Therefore only a product like Astro’s Ultra remote created by design visionaries can achieve such perfect harmony between the quality of the function, use, responsibility and emotional touch,” says Ferdinand Maier, CEO of ruwido.


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