Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Audience360 Brings Transparent Data to AFL Headlines

With brand safety making headlines for all the wrong reasons currently, there is an acute spotlight on programmatic buys with advertisers beginning to demand 100 per cent transparent data for their programmatic campaigns.

Operating under the mantle of ‘transparent data from trusted brands’, Australian company Audience360 has built its business by partnering with specific verticals in each industry to specifically target audiences at the right time, with the right message – minimising wastage of advertising dollars and delivering improved ROI.

Demonstrating this value, Audience360 has announced an exclusive partnership with The AFL, offering brands streamlined access to the sports channel’s extensive and highly passionate audiences providing trusted and valued data.

Audience360 Managing Director, Penny Kee said, “This new partnership speaks volumes for the company’s quality data sourcing and the trust we have built with some of Australia’s leading brands. Done well, data can benefit the consumer, the advertiser and the publisher.”

“As the data industry continues to grow, it’s essential that advertisers are provided with full disclosure on where the data they are purchasing has come from and how it is compiled,” Kee added.

“By partnering with organisations like The AFL, we are able to give clients that transparency and assurance that their audiences are trusted, unlike other players in our industry who may source or infer their audiences from a number of unidentified providers.”

Joining the ranks of Audience360’s data partners alongside the likes of Webjet, Carsales, Get Price and finder.com, The AFL will offer clients a new audience to run programmatic campaigns with 100 per cent transparent data, targeting current consumers at a granular level. This partnership will also offer The AFL the opportunity to monetise their audience in a safe and secure manner.

AFL Commercial Manager Kylie Rogers said they are excited to have embarked on this new partnership with Audience360. “Audience360 is a trusted industry leader, and this alliance is already helping out business grow whilst ensuring our consumers continue to be served the best and most relevant advertisements.”

Audience360’s first job with The AFL is to showcase these new opportunities to The AFL’s premium partners, enabling them to further benefit from their affiliation.

Visit http://audience360.com.au

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