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Monday, June 17, 2024

Audient ASP4816: Best of both for Emmanuel College

An ASP4816 console has been installed in a new performing arts centre at Emmanuel College in Victoria, Australia. “I wanted to bring the best of both analogue and digital to our wonderful new space,” explains tutor and studio technician, Peter Sassmanshausen, who specified the desk after six months’ in-depth research.

“The Audient ASP4816 is a beautiful console with a small footprint and a massive sound,” he says. “It was by far the stand-out console even amongst more expensive models, nothing seemed close to providing the heart and soul this desk has. The preamps were raved about – these I can vouch for 100 percent. They contain a warmth and are yet transparent.

“The complexity of routing, the in-line architecture and the EQs are laid out so well and in such a user-friendly manner, I knew the students would immediately adapt to its intuitive and creative nature.” Which – although it is still early days – they certainly seem to have. Peter recalls their initial reaction to the new studio setup: “They were amazed to find this wonderful addition to what is already a great facility. It’s still all very new for them, but I do feel they are grasping the concepts of routing, gain staging and EQ much quicker on the inline console rather than ‘in the box’.

“It has always been my goal to get an analogue console in front of the students and somehow bridge the gap between the practicality of analogue and the sheer capabilities of the digital realm,” he says, and has managed that with aplomb. Integrating the Audient desk with the Slate Raven MTI2, which he describes as “a nice, modern twist”, it all fits neatly into a modified Argosy 90 series workstation.

As well as being integral to the music production course – all the students will be using the desk for assessments over the course of the year – the studio has already been used to record voiceovers for film and video publications for the college. Peter describes this as “an exciting process for both the students involved in performing the voiceovers and for those helping to record them.”

The brand new performing arts centre, The STAGE (Student Theatre for Arts and Growth at Emmanuel) opened in November 2018 and comprises a 250-seat theatre with tiered seating, band rehearsal areas, studios for individual tuition, a dance studio, a large multi-purpose classroom as well as the professional standard recording studio. “Since the opening of The STAGE we have had increased enrolments to study VCE VET Cert III in both Performance and Production,” says Peter, who also tells us that the College is training several technicians to cater for outside bookings. “We are more than happy with the interest and outcome.”

He concludes, “I’m very privileged to be able to use and teach with such an iconic and outstanding console and even more excited to continue discovering everything the ASP4816 has to offer.” Audient wishes him and Emmanuel College every success in the future.


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