Monday, May 27, 2024

Audit Finds EME Levels Near 5G Mobile Base Stations Very Low

New measurements from the ACMA, conducted in early 2021, show that levels of electromagnetic energy (EME) at 5G enabled mobile base station sites across Victoria are very low.

ACMA’s audit found that for all 129 mobile base stations tested, EME levels were found to be only a small percentage of the EME exposure limits set by ARPANSA for the public.

The results show that, for all sites measured, average EME levels in publicly-accessible areas were less than 1.5 percent of the ARPANSA limit – the majority of sites were under 1 percent.

The report is part of the 5G and EME compliance program. The program assesses telcos’ compliance with the EME Standard for mobile base station deployments and was one of the compliance priorities for 2020–21.

With a more expansive 5G rollout underway in Australia, compliance with the EME Standard for 5G enabled mobile base stations will continue to be an ACMA priority in 2021–22, including audits of sites in other states.

Find out more about the EME compliance strategy.


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