Thursday, April 18, 2024

Aussie Ad Tech Startup AdMatch Launches

AdMatch, a new streaming TV measurement and optimisation platform and the latest home-grown ad tech startup, has been launched by the founders of independent media agency AdUnion.

Australian-owned AdMatch provides brands with exact match optimisation data for streaming TV campaigns which can now be deployed by any media team or advertiser seeking optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

More than 12 months in development, AdMatch allows any media team to leverage the technology, which has been designed to seamlessly sit with existing media buying flows. It provides an exact one-to-one match of a streamed TV commercial to an online lead or sale, and deep insights for campaign optimisation.

Adam Shalagin will lead the new business as Managing Director, stepping away from AdUnion, which will now be headed by Co-Founder Robert Ong.

“We found that there was a real need in the market for a simple tool that evaluates the performance of streamed TV campaigns to the return on ad spend [ROAS] level, digging deep into the fine detail of creative, channels, geographies, and even time of time and day of week. Digital marketers know only too well the power of these insights to drive ROI,” Shalagin said.

“In its first iteration, the AdMatch architecture was tied into a single agency set up. That has now completely changed, where any brand or media agency can now use AdMatch, to precisely see if they are reaching the right audience, for both direct response and brand building campaigns, and the ability to optimise for greater effectiveness,” Shalagin said.

The AdMatch technology was built for a cookie-free, privacy-compliant future and has already been adopted by several agencies and brands in Australia, including online retailer Snaffle.

“Our agency recommended AdMatch for our streaming TV campaigns. It enabled us to optimise the TV audience we were targeting and gave us valuable feedback to inform our channel mix and creatives. More importantly, it led to a 40% improvement in our cost of acquisition. I now include AdMatch data and insights in my CEO and Board reports,” Snaffle Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Winslow, said.

The Founding AdMatch Team

The founding AdMatch team also includes retail industry leader, Mark Gray who joins AdMatch as General Manager of Growth, bringing more than 15 years’ experience helping retailers and brands with e-commerce, online marketplaces, SaaS and digital marketing services in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. He joins AdMatch from Scentre Group, the owners of Westfield, where he was Head of Marketplaces. During his career, Gray has worked with Click Frenzy, Catch, The Warehouse Group (NZ) and was Managing Director of Channel Advisor Australia.

Commenting on his new role, Gray said: “AdMatch basically de-risks online pure-play retailers who want to build their brand via TV. AdMatch’s cost per acquisition [CPA] and return on ad spend [ROAS] data offers actionable insights for retailers to optimise their campaigns. It’s an exciting product which will help brands move to the next level.”


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