Thursday, May 23, 2024

Aussie Broadband Fibre Network Goes Live in Metro Melbourne

Independent telco Aussie Broadband has connected its first customer to the company’s privately-owned dark fibre network.

General Manager of Sales, Aaron O’Keeffe said that Stage one, which comprises a 20km fibre loop around the Melbourne CBD and Port Melbourne, is now ready for business.

“Today is a huge milestone for Aussie Broadband. We’re very excited to announce that a large part of our Melbourne central roll out is now complete and available to businesses right now,” he said.

“We’re so delighted to offer customers speeds up to ten gigabit per second (10 Gbps) – not many telcos are currently providing this.”

AI English in Southbank, Melbourne, was the first business to connect to the new network. Marketing Manager Andrew Raphael said the company was delighted.

“We’re very happy to be the first customer to get connected to Aussie Broadband’s new fibre network. We wanted high-speed internet and something that has the option to be scalable in the future,” Andrew said.

“Aussie Broadband’s prices are very cost effective and it’s also an Australian-based company. So we’ve signed up for the 2 Gbps plan, but we have the potential to go to 10 Gbps if we want to.”

Aaron said the Aussie Broadband team was pleased to see things progress so quickly, even despite the lockdown in Melbourne.

“Naturally, we expected a few delays with some businesses currently closed in Melbourne’s CBD due to the pandemic,” Aaron said, “But thankfully, it didn’t have any significant impact on our progress.

“Optic fibre is the fastest medium and the ideal choice when it comes to powering Cloud services, IP phone systems, CRM software, business email, voice, video and any other end-user business internet services.

“Ultimately, our plan is to build fully diverse routes to over 75 NBN points of interconnect and 24 key data centres across Australia,” Aaron said.


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