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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Australian Cinematographers Society Announces National Awards Nominations

The Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) has announced the nominations for its 2020 National Awards. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event will be livestreamed on Saturday May 16 at 6pm (AEST). The nominations are as follows:


  • Ari Shaw-Velzen, ACT, Harry Potter
  • David Szasz, NSW, Ship Out

Student Cinematography

  • Connor Gurr, SA, Signal
  • Michael Filocamo, NSW, A Bird With No Legs
  • Prince Nediyedath, VIC, Gaslight
  • Kevin Nguyen, QLD, Burden

John Bowring ACS Station Breaks & Promos

  • Tony Luu ACS, QLD, Good Food Awards
  • Tony Luu ACS, QLD, The Voice Promo

Music Videos

  • Sherwin Akbarzadeh, VIC, Ruel ‘Painkiller’
  • Maxx Corkindale, SA, Hilltop Hoods ‘Exit Sign’
  • Aaron Farrugia, VIC, Jessica Mauboy ‘Little Things’
  • Aaron Farrugia, VIC, Vera Blue ‘The Way That You Love Me’
  • Kieran Fowler ACS NZCS, NSW, Guy Sebastian ‘Choir’
  • Justin Griffths, WA, Stirling ‘Sinners’
  • Zachary Hardaker, NSW, Taikoz ‘Toward The Rain’
  • Stefan Jose, QLD, Dope Lemon ‘Give Me Honey’
  • Brian Loewe, QLD, The Kite String Tangle ‘P()L4R’
  • Mahmudul Raz, WA, W3 WERE HERE ‘Uplift’
  • Mike Roberts, NSW, Nikkita Ra ‘747’

Syd Wood ACS Local/National News

  • Marc Finn, WA, Camping With Custodians – Channel Ten Online
  • Arron Hage, ACT, Snowy Mountain Fly Fishing – 7 National News / Canberra Bureau
  • Arron Hage, ACT, Lake George is Alive – 7 National News / Canberra Bureau
  • Thomas Hancock, NSW, Antiques Roadshow’ for Aboriginal Artefacts – ABC, News 7pm

Neil Davis International News

  • Brant Cumming, SA, Hong Kong Protests – ABC News
  • Brant Cumming, SA, The Iron Flower – ABC News
  • Thomas Hancock, NSW, Surrendering from Baghouz: The Final Days of Islamic State in Syria – ABC, News 7pm
  • Joel Lawrence ACS, QLD, The Battle for Hong Kong
  • Timothy Stevens, VIC, Armistice Art – ABC, News 7pm

Current Affairs

  • Tom Bannigan, NSW, The Oasis – ABC, Foreign Correspondent
  • Benjamin Foley, QLD, Niger Drawback – Vice News Tonight
  • Benjamin Foley, QLD, Yemen Migrant Camp – Vice News
  • Tonight
  • Greg Nelson ACS, ACT, Blood on the Tracks, Part 1 – Australian Story
  • Greg Nelson ACS, ACT, Bloodland – ABC, Foreign Correspondent
  • Greg Nelson ACS, ACT, The Dome – ABC, Foreign Correspondent
  • Tony Salvatore, SA, Drunken Lawyer
  • Timothy Stevens, VIC, French Foreign Legion – ABC, 7.30 Program
  • Timothy Stevens, VIC, Vanishing Venice – ABC, Foreign Correspondent ‘Summer Series 2019’
  • John Varga, NSW, Crayfish Murder – 7 Network, Sunday Night – EP351

Entertainment & TV Magazine

  • Tony Connors, VIC, Gardening Australia – S30 EP11 ‘Its a Soul Thing’
  • Benjamin Cunningham, VIC, Back Roads – S4 EP13 ‘Marble Bar’
  • Robert Hill ACS, NT, Polar Bear Town – 7 Network, Sunday Night
  • Jamie Holland, SA, Texas Police Chase – Border Live – History Channel, EP3
  • Chris Lewis, WA, Burringurrah
  • Simon Nicholls, SA, Ed Stafford – First Man Out – India: EP6

Corporate & Educational

  • Carl Allison, VIC, KISUME
  • Matt Byrne, SA, The World is Looking for You
  • Peter Corbett, VIC, Wannon Water
  • Benjamin Dowie, SA, Hither & Yon
  • Michael Fardell ACS, ACT, Geocon Ground Breaking
  • Christian Fitzpatrick, QLD, Volando: An Introduction
  • Adam Grant, ACT, Musiconn
  • Aaron Gully ACS & Kadison Noack, SA, Minelab ‘Victory Is Mine’
  • Allan Hardy ACS, QLD, Red Bull ‘Cracked’
  • Jordan Maddocks, NSW, Paradis
  • Cesar Salmeron-Hoving, VIC, Sussex Taps
  • Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS, ACT, Invictus Games Promo ‘Team Invictus’
  • Boris Vymenets, NSW, Corowa Distilling Co ‘Made Here By Us’
  • Lincoln Williams, QLD, Evolve Skateboards ‘Evolve GTR Series’


  • Ahmad Al Morsy CSC, NSW, No’tet Talaky (A Point of Convergence)
  • Talon Clemow, TAS, Lost In Fiji – S1 EP4
  • Arron Hage, ACT, Murder Lies & Alibis – Vasyli
  • Abraham Joffe ACS & Dom West, NSW, Yarrow: The Virtues of Monochrome
  • Harry Panagiotidis, VIC, Vitamania
  • Miles Rowland, SA, 25zero: East Africa
  • Thomas Scott, SA, Finke Desert Double
  • Joe Shemesh, TAS, Of Life, Love and Spirit
  • Caleb Ware, QLD, By the River
  • Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature
  • Richard Fitzpatrick ACS, QLD, IMAX ‘Great Barrier Reef’
  • Nick Hayward, TAS, The Last Devil
  • Jamie Holland, SA, Nat Geo Wild ‘Out there with Jack Randall’
  • Daniel Hunter & Edward Saltau, VIC, Hostile Planet ‘Jungles – Bats Vs Crocs’
  • Jonathan Shaw ACS, NSW, Magical Land of Oz – EP1 ‘Oceans’

Commercials – Local/Regional

  • Campbell Brown, NSW, Running Bare
  • Richard Coburn, SA, State Theatre ‘Season Launch’
  • Marcus Cropp, VIC, Pant Active ‘We Like Strong’
  • Mark Desiatov, QLD, Under Armour ‘I Will’
  • Miguel Gallagher, ACT, Janessa McFee ‘Ignite Your Body’
  • Miguel Gallagher, ACT, Marjasson & Marjasson ‘The Vikings’
  • Liam Gilmour, VIC, Crown Metropol
  • Liam Gilmour, VIC, Emporium
  • Michael Tessari, SA, City of Adelaide ‘Creative City’
  • Tim Tregoning ACS, NSW, Eurobadela ‘Live Free’
  • Mark Zagar ACS, WA, WA Ballet Company ‘Giselle’

Commercials – National/International

  • Cameron Batten, NSW, Welcome To Winter ‘Countdown to a Ski Holiday in Queenstown’
  • Richard Bell ACS, QLD, Changan ‘Designer’
  • Richard Bell ACS, QLD, Dodge Demon ‘Why Make it Wait’
  • Liam Brennan, QLD, The Calile ‘Queensland Ballet’
  • Benjamin Dowie, SA, Adelaide Hills Wine Region
  • Ross Giardina ACS, NSW, President’s Choice
  • Ross Metcalf, WA, Infinity ‘Spirit with Infinity’
  • Jonathan Rossiter ACS, SA, Standard Chartered Hong Kong ‘The Toys’
  • Tim Tregoning ACS, NSW, Rural Fire Services ‘Have a Plan’
  • Matt Wood ACS, VIC, Atomos ‘Sumo/Apple Prores Raw’

Dramatised Documentaries

  • Shing Fung Cheung, QLD, Home ‘Frank and Eunice Corley’
  • Matthew Horrex ACS, NSW, Vicks – Touch of Care ‘Just a boy’
  • Katie Milwright ACS, VIC, Guilty
  • Mahmudul Raz, WA, One Girl’s Fire

Short Films

  • Brad Day, SA, The Racer
  • Alper Kasap, VIC, Crossfire
  • David Le May ACS, WA, Carmentis
  • Dan Macarthur, QLD, Sock and Buskin
  • Tim Morton, VIC, Bookmark
  • Carl Robertson ACS, NSW, Ascendant
  • Sean Ryan, NSW, The Listeners
  • Michael Tessari, SA, In The Wake
  • Lucas Tomoana, QLD, My Name is Mudju
  • Michael Wylam, VIC, Where Darkness Lies

Serial TV & Comedy Series

  • Brian Loewe, QLD, For A Good Cause
  • Judd Overton, SA, No Activity – S2 EP8
  • Drama Series & Telefeatures
  • Bonnie Elliott ACS, NSW, The Hunting – Episode – EP1 ‘Pics or it Didn’t Happen’
  • Kieran Fowler ACS NZCS, NSW, Skinford: Chapter Two
  • Geoffrey Hall ACS, SA, Bloom – EP1
  • Mark Wareham ACS, QLD, Secret City: Under the Eagle – EP1
  • Zoë White ACS, NSW, The Handmaid’s Tale – S3 EP11 ‘Liars’

Feature Films (Budget Under $2M)

  • Chris Bland, NSW, Locusts
  • Joshua Flavell ACS, NSW, Pimped
  • Miguel Gallagher, ACT, Salt Bridge
  • Katie Milwright ACS, VIC, Celeste
  • Garry Richards, VIC, The Furies
  • Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS, ACT, Blue World Order

Feature Films (Budget $2M and over)

  • Andrew Commis ACS, NSW, Angel of Mine
  • Stefan Duscio ACS, VIC, Judy & Punch
  • Nick Matthews ACS, SA, Hotel Mumbai
  • Ben Nott ACS, QLD, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
  • Marc Spicer ACS, NSW, Escape Room
  • Michael Tessari, SA, Awoken
  • Bruce Young ACS, NSW, Storm Boy


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