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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Australian Screen Sound Guild Announces Non-Feature Nominees for 2021 Awards

The Australian Screen Sound Guild has announced the non-feature nominees for the 2021 ASSG Awards.

According to the ASSG, as there were many highly scored entries for Documentary, it has divided the category into over and under 60 minutes.

The nominees are as follows:

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film

Age of Winter
Thom Kellar – Sound Designer
Hayden Riley – SFX Editor
John Pata – SFX Editor

Are You Still Watching?
Jennifer Leonforte – Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer
Lachlan Harris – SFX Editor
Tom David – VO Recording Engineer

Goodbye Home
Nigel Christensen, ASSG – Sound Designer and Mixer
Michael Ackroyd – SFX Editor
Rose Mackenzie – VO Recording Engineer
Nigel Croydon – Foley Walker
Dan Young – Foley Engineer

Under the Rose
Markus Kellow – Sound Designer, Composer & Mixer
Mark Hooper – Sound Designer

Best Sound for a Children’s Programme

Bluey – Episode 98
Dan Brumm – Sound Designer and Mixer

Daisy Quokka – World’s Scariest Animal
Ben Stewart – Sound Designer
Sam Gain-Emery – Mixer
Thom Kellar – Additional Sound Designer
Yasmin Amir-Hamzah – Sound Editor

Monkie Kid – Season 2, Episode 9
Alex Francis – Sound Designer
Simon Hicks – Re-recording Mixer
Chapman Chan – Dialogue Editor
Mark Mercado – Recording Engineer
Jonathan Abelardo – Recording Engineer
Sean Jacobson – Recording Engineer

The New Legends Of Monkey – Series 2, Episode 1
Luke Mynott – Supervising Sound Editor
Melanie Graham – Sound Designer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Michael Newton – Re-recording Mixer
Cihan Saral – Dialogue Editor and ADR Recordist
Tania Vlassova – SFX Editor
Julian Wessels – SFX Editor
Charlotte Perry – Sound Production Coordinator
Roxy Withers – Sound Production Assistant
Sam Rogers – Foley Artist
Ryan Squires – Foley Recordist & Editor
Richard Flynn – Production Sound Mixer
Kaveh Sharifian – Boom Operator
Carmen Ku – Location Sound Assistant
Dylan Barfield – SFX Editor

Best Sound for a Commercial or Promo

Dexus Day 1 – Industrial
Matthew Perrott, ASSG – Sound Designer

Hyundai Santa Fe – Little Angels
Timothy Bridge – Sound Designer & Mixer
Nat Joyce – Sound Designer
Josh Pearson – Music Mixer and Record Engineer

NRMA First Saturday
Sam Petty – Sound Designer & Mixer
Andy Wright – Re-recording Mixer

UN Women – When Will She Be Right?
Timothy Bridge – Sound Designer & Mixer
Nat Joyce – Sound Designer
Josh Pearson – SFX Editor

Best Sound for a Documentary (Over 60 Minutes)

Blind Ambition
Liam Egan – Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor & FX Editor

Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra
Angus Robertson, ASSG – Supervising Sound Editor, Dialogue Editor, ADR Editor & ADR Mixer
Tara Webb – Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer & SFX Editor
Leah Katz – Dialogue Editor
Jo Bursill – Location Sound Recordist
David Tranter – Location Sound Recordist
Adam Young – Location Sound Recordist
Joseph Levine – Location Sound Recordist
Dean Ganter – Location Sound Recordist
Daniel Borodin – Location Sound Recordist
Piotr Wasilewski – Location Sound Recordist
Gareth Lloyd Evans- Location Sound Recordist

Hating Peter Tatchell
Brendon Kirk – Sound Editor
William Ward – Sound Editor
Myles Wrigley – Sound Mixer
Thom Kellar – Sound Mixer

I’m Wanita
Luke Mynott – Supervising Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer
Cihan Saral – Dialogue Editor and Re-recording Mixer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor and Foley Editor
Weronika Razna – Sound Effects Editor
Andrew Simmons – Foley Editor
Charlotte Perry – Sound Production Manager
Scott Blackley – Sound Recordist
Jay Kolmel – Sound Recordist
Mat Govoni – Sound Recordist
Jonathan Berguno – Sound Recordist
Daniel Zamanillo – Sound Recordist

My Name Is Gulpilil
Tom Heuzenroeder – Sound Designer & Composer
James Currie, ASSG – Sound Recordist
Duncan Campbell – Foley Recordist
Adrian Medhurst – Foley Artist
Sarah-Jane Rohrsheim – Additional Sound Recording

Television Event

Lachlan Harris – Sound Designer & Sound Mixer
Jennifer Leonforte – Sound Editor
Christina Chin – Sound Recordist
Todd Bauer – Sound Recordist
Austin Plocker – Sound Recordist
Brett Ulery – Sound Recordist
Matt Ritterpusch – Sound Recordist
Susan Bryant – Sound Recordist
Blair Johnson – Sound Recordist

Best Sound for a Documentary (Under 60 Minutes)

Icemen – 200 Years in Antarctica
Matthew Perrot ASSG – Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer

Inferno Without Borders
Steve J de Souza – Composer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor & Re-recording Mixer
Tom Truong – Sound Recordist

Life In Colour With David Attenborough – Episode 1
Wayne Pashley – Re-Recording Mixer
Libby Villa – Post Production Supervisor
Bill Rudolph – Sound Recordist
Richard Hill – Sound Recordist
Paul Fisher – Dubbing Editor
Jonathan Cawte – Foley Artist
Andy Devine – Foley Artist
Richard Hinton – Foley Artist
Brian Moseley – Additional Re-recording Mixer

Recorder Queen
Sophie Raymond – Sound Recordist
Jim Atkin – Sound Designer
Genevieve Lacey – Sound Producer
Jenni Aldred – Foley Artist & Sound Editor
Josh Walker – SFX Editor
Doron Kipen, ASSG – Dialogue Editor & Re-recording Mixer

Best Sound for a Drama or Comedy (Under 30 minutes)

Aftertaste – Series 1, Episode 5
Michael Darren – Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer
Pete Smith – Dialogue Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Leah Mckweon – Sound Editor
Adrian Medhurst – Foley Artist

The End – Episode 1
Luke Mynott – Sound Designer
Michael Newton – Re-recording Mixer
Wes Chew – Sound Supervisor
Cihan Saral – Dialogue Editor & ADR Recordist
Julian Wessels – SFX Editor
Dylan Barfield – SFX Editor
Weronika Razna – SFX Editor
Tania Vlassova – Assistant Sound Supervisor
Blair Slater – Foley Artist
Paul Brincat – Sound Recordist
Joshua ODonnell – Boom Operator
Ruth Vance – Cable and Second Boom Operator
Lesley Chambers – Sound Production Manager

Retrograde – Episode 1
Emma Bortignon, ASSG – Sound Designer
Tfer Newsome – Re-recording Mixer
Todd Shattock – Foley Engineer
Colin Swan – Sound Recordist
Nigel Croydon – Foley Walker
Sound Streaming Consultant – Patrick Telfer
Music Supervisor – Tyler McLoughlan

Best Sound for a Drama or Comedy (Over 30 minutes)
Bloom Season 2, Episode 1
Dean Ryan, ASSG – Sound Recordist
Mark Lavery – Boom Operator
Sophie Norfolk – Second Boom Operator
Luke Mynott – Supervising Sound Editor
Wes Chew – Supervising Sound Editor
Robert Sullivan – Re-Recording Mixer
Tom Herdman – Dialogue Editor
Liam Price – SFX Editor
Tania Vlassova – SFX Editor
John Simpson – Foley Recordist and Editor
Julian Wessels – ADR Recordist
Charlotte Perry – Sound Production Co-ordinator
Roxy Withers – Sound Production Assistant

Jack Irish Series 3 Episode 1
Stephen Witherow – Sound Supervisor & Re-recording Mixer
Todd Shattock – Sound Designer
Justin Lloyd – Dialogue Editor
John Wilkinson – Sound Recordist
Ben Faiman – Boom Operator
Lewis O’Brien – Boom Operator
Nigel Croyden – Foley Artist
Dan Young – Foley Recordist & Editor

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 8
Craig Walmsley, ASSG – Production Sound Mixer
Andy Wright – Supervising Sound Editor
Diego Ruiz – Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Newton- Re-recording Mixer & SFX Editor
Mick Boraso – SFX Editor
Julian Wessels – SFX Editor
Beth Bezzina – Dialogue Editor
Megan Howieson – Foley Editor
Mario Vaccaro – Foley Artist
Alex Francis – Foley Recordist
Will Carroll – ADR Recordist
Stuart Morton – Music Editor
Jim Schultz – Music Editor
Rod Conder – Boom Operator
Matthew Ault – Boom Operator

Mr Inbetween – Season 3 Episode 9 “I’m Not Leaving”
Robert Mackenzie – Co-Sound Supervisor & Mixer
Tom Heuzenroeder – Co-Sound Supervisor & Mixer
Jed Dodge – Dialogue Editor & ADR Supervisor
Leah Katz – Dialogue Editor & ADR Supervisor
Adrian Medhurst – Foley Recordist & Supervisor
Jessica Meier – Sound Assistant
Stuart Morton – SFX & Atmos Editor
Mick Boraso – SFX & Atmos Editor
Duncan Campbell – Foley Editor & Mixer
Monica Anderson – RMS Producer
Nathaniel Watkins – Sound Recordist
Andy Duncan – Boom Operator
Piotr Wasilewski – Sound Assistant

Best Sound for Interactive Media

Jurassic World By Brickman
Marisa Marsionis – Sound Designer
William Ward – Sound Supervisor

Thin Ice VR
Carlos Manrique Clavijo – Supervising Sound Designer & Mixer
Michael -Fazz- Farrel – Location Sound Recordist
Christopher Larkin – Composer

You Will See Me
Lachlan Harris – Sound Designer

Zander Hulme – Audio Lead
Anders Grønningsæter – Sound Designer
Sarah Ward – Sound Designer
Stewart Whiteley – Sound Designer

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Factual Entertainment

Big Weather – Into the Firestorm
Thom Kellar – Supervising Sound Editor
Sam Gain-Emery – Supervising Sound Editor
Lachlan Harris – Sound Designer
Ben Stewart – SFX Editor
Sam Lowe – Sound Editor
Yasmin Amir Hamzah – Sound Assistant

Farmer Wants a Wife – Season 11, Episode 1
Aaron Quirk – Head of Sound – Farms
Rohan Charlton – Audio Director – Events
Ian Cooper – Audio Director – Events

Outback Truckers – Season 9, Episode 10
Kim Lord – Sound Mixer
Benjamin Morris – SFX Editor

SAS Australia – Season 1, Episode 7
Philip Purcell – Re-recording Mixer
Simon Hicks – Dialogue Editor
Stuart Morton – SFX Editor

Best Sound for a Live-Action Short Film

Thom Kellar – Sound Designer
Lachlan Harris – Sound Editor

Timothy Bridge – Sound Designer & Mixer
Joe Mount – SFX Editor

This River
Lana Kristensen – Sound Designer
Sam Hayward – Re-Recording Mixer
Steve Nossiter – Sound Recordist
Florian Delain – Boom Operator
Craig Beckett – Foley Mixer
Les Fiddess – Foley Artist
Geir S Brillian – Music Mixer

Markus Kellow – Sound Designer & Mixer
Leon Ross – Composer
Chris Clarke – Sound Recordist


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