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Australia’s 3P Studio Scales with EditShare Single Node Storage

EditShare, recently announced that Brisbane, Australia-based boutique post production house and one of the few women-led post houses in Australia, 3P Studio, has invested in EditShare’s XStream EFS 200 single-node scale-out storage platform to power its collaborative workflow. What started as a busy freelancing business by founder and artisan, Haley Stibbard, became a powerhouse post production house whose eclectic post production portfolio has grown to include high-profile commercial brands such as Subway, Allianz, Isuzu Motor Company as well as iconic and defining shows like Sesame Street.

When 3P Studio opened its doors for business on January 1st, 2017, the team temporarily worked off old hard drives that were backing up to other RAIDed drives overnight whilst also mirroring for redundancy. Since Stibbard built the stunning boutique facility from the ground up, the modern design took into account installing an EditShare shared-storage solution in late 2017. “I always knew that I wanted to install EditShare because I had used it before, and I really liked the way it supported the content flow. We just needed to save for the investment,” says Stibbard.

3P Studio installed the XStream EFS 200 model scale out shared storage solution connecting 10 creative Mac and PC-based workstations over 10-GB Ethernet comprising a mix of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, The Foundry’s NUKE, Maxon’s Cinema-4d, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, DaVinci Resolve for grading and the hero suite, Autodesk Flame Premium while Avid Pro Tools is utilised to provide audio post production. With advanced support for project and media sharing, EditShare features helped tremendously with the boutique’s retail clients who, more often than not, required an incredibly fast turnaround. It allowed the team to work simultaneously on projects with one person recording voice-overs while another artist works on the graphics and another edits. Stibbard notes, “Because the EditShare system is designed for content sharing, it makes the workflow as fast and as collaborative as possible. This means higher quality projects completed on time and of course most importantly, happier clients. EditShare enables us to freely pick and choose the creative tools we want.”

Stibbard comments that she could have purchased other gear, but the EditShare scale-out shared storage nodes were the solution to power her successful business. “I could have gone out and purchased a Mac Pro and hooked it up to a couple of hard drives. Would it have done the same thing? To a certain degree, but it hasn’t been tried and tested like in EditShare. After talking with the guys at EditShare and getting the rundown of the specs and performance reports, investing in EditShare gave me the peace of mind I needed. In addition, my previous experience with using EditShare on very demanding projects assured us that this system would take a beating and keep performing.”


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