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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Australia’s NFSA Upgrades for HDR Content with Techtel and GrayMeta

Techtel has successfully deployed GrayMeta’s Iris QC Pro with DHQC for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) as the agency upgrades its technical facilities in response to a growing amount of HDR content required for archiving and preserving.

GrayMeta’s Iris QC Pro with DHQC is designed to play, review and accurately identify media errors with a complete set of Quality Control tools. For NFSA, these tools will be used to handle a 3 million item “living archive” of contemporary and obsolete still, video and audio formats by instantly identifying and dealing with potential errors to ensure that the agency not only collects, but preserves precious data for future generations to share in many diverse ways.

“GrayMeta Iris pro with DHQC is the ultimate available audiovisual quality control solution in Australia which supports HDR content, meaning that AFSA can now access and preserve every video, audio, caption, subtitle, image and frame sequence format ever invented,” said Mal Chandler Techtel CEO. “We are proud to provide technology that unlocks more of the NFSA archive and most importantly helps to preserve centuries of Australia’s audiovisual record that could be accessed and enjoyed by further generations worldwide.”


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