Saturday, May 25, 2024

Av-Comm to Support PacificAus TV

PacificAus TV has partnered with  Australian based satellite communications infrastructure and services provider Av-Comm in an initiative to provide audiences in Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea, free access to premium Australian television content delivered by satellite.

Av-Comm was selected to provide the satellite television reception equipment to broadcasters in their respective countries including a decoder and networking router. Some broadcasters did not have satisfactory satellite receiving facilities so a new commercial grade C Band satellite dish, Av-Comm C Band filtered LNBs, and mounting hardware was also supplied.

Additionally, Av-Comm is providing PacificAus TV with real-time 24/7 monitoring of the network via Av-Comm’s advanced cloud-based Network Monitoring System providing Free TV with visibility and remote-control access across the network.

Australian commercial television programming will be delivered to viewers in the Pacific with 1000 hours of premium content including lifestyle programs, factual programs, children’s programs, drama, reality TV and sport being delivered each year. This initiative will allow Av-Comm to provide support to Pacific Islands broadcasters using their satellite and technical resources, designed to meet and exceed evolving broadcasting needs for the area.

“Our ability to assist the delivery of high-quality programming to the Pacific builds on our existing relationships with broadcasters in the area. In addition, we will provide a monitoring service for PacificAus TV , providing access to real time 24/7 performance and status data which can be utilised to schedule maintenance at receiving sites when required” said Garry Cratt, Technical Director Av-Comm.

PacificAus TV is the result of a partnership between Free TV Australia and the Australian Government, which has sourced content from Australian commercial television free-to-air networks and other providers to supply content across the Pacific. The aim of the service is to enhance Australia’s engagement in the Pacific.


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