Sunday, May 26, 2024

Blockchain-Powered VOD service Launches in India

India’s first blockchain powered entertainment ecosystem, MinersINC, has launched a curated VOD service ‘myNK’. Having recently entered beta phase, myNK features an eclectic collection of films, documentaries and series. 

MinersINC is a blockchain-powered P2P platform that uses the transformative power of Blockchain Technology to connect rights holders with consumers. myNK, the flagship commercial product is an entertainment ecosystem that empowers rights holders, enables and rewards entertainment junkies and consumers, and addresses some major gaps in India’s entertainment industry. The platform will deploy a community-driven approach for offerings in movies & music, enabling rewarding interactions between the right-holders and their target audiences.

MYNK features a social engagement and micro-distribution model, whereby fans are rewarded for their contributions, reviews, and onward-selling to other film buffs on the platform.

This works in 3 steps:

  1. The curators and film industry influencers introduce classic films, series and docs, not before seen in India, to the fan community for discussion and paid viewing.
  2. The fan community is rewarded and incentivised for further engagement activities such as commenting/reviewing, recommending and on-selling (microdistribution) of the programs to others within the community.
  3. All of this is transparently and securely reported 24/7 on the rightsholder dashboard, secured by blockchain.

myNK is directed and curated by Indian filmmaker/director Anurag Kashyap, along with other eminent professionals. Anurag has won multiple International awards and has been a jury member at numerous film festivals and, most recently, the director of Netflix’s first Indian Original Series Sacred Games. He also serves as a mentor to myNK and has played a key part in curating video content productions while developing knowledgeable audiences.  

The founders of MinersINC are Nitin Narkhede (Founder & CEO) and Deepak Jayaram (Co-Founder & Head Strategy & Innovation).


Per Wendy Bernfeld MD of Rights Stuff (digital content and licensing specialist), who has spearheaded the acquisition of the launch library, said, “In the past, India was a challenging market for international rightsholders concerned about piracy and lack of transparency. Adding the blockchain backbone squarely addresses both these historic barriers and is  a brilliant solution for this region , particularly when combined with curation and filmfan engagement incentives.”


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