Thursday, April 18, 2024

Blonde Robot Announces ANZ Distribution Agreement with NETGEAR Business

Blonde Robot recently announced a new distribution agreement with NETGEAR, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR), the company who successfully enables more than 50 million businesses worldwide.

With an increased focus on audio visual (AV) technology throughout all sectors, including health, corporate, digital signage and high end residential, NETGEAR AV over IP switches provide the backbone network that makes it all possible.

The agreement, which covers Australia and New Zealand, focuses specifically on NETGEAR ProAV solutions engineered specifically for AV over IP with an unmatched ease of use, reliability, and cost savings that benefit all networked AV environments.

The stackable and modular ProAV Line Managed Switches include the M4250 and M4300 designed with a broad range of sizes and capabilities and the ability to greatly simplify system architectures at a dramatically lower price point.

“NETGEAR is a premier brand with a long history of working with partners to empower them with the knowledge to create and sell solutions – not just products,” said Chris Horsley-Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer, Blonde Robot. “Their community and support systems, coupled with their quality, reach, and value-based products and services are unmatched and we are proud to become part of that community.”

Based in San Jose, California, NETGEAR solutions also encompass Audio over IP, which made the transition long before video. The company is recognised as a leader in networking technology and is renowned for out-of-the-box functionality that makes setting up easy. Most installations are simply about plugging in the encoders and decoders, powering everything on, and it just works.

“Applications for using video over IP run the gamut from corporate infrastructure and higher education to digital signage and surveillance,’ notes Carla Thornton, Australia and New Zealand Territory Manager, NETGEAR. “Blonde Robot has solid experience in each of these markets along with the right level of expertise in using the IP network as the primary transmission method so we see this as a seamless and positive partnership.”


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