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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Brompton Empowers South Korea’s Vive Virtual Production Studios

Situated in the vibrant, eclectic, and ever-evolving metropolis of Seoul, VIVE STUDIOS specialises in visual AI-based metaverse content, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of virtual production, virtual humans, hyper-realistic immersive content, and CGI. Part of its innovative offering is a state-of-the-art 1200sqm Virtual Production facility featuring a large LED wall powered by industry ‘gold-standard’ Brompton Technology LED processing.

VIVE STUDIOS is the only domestic company capable of delivering both creative and practical solution services, having developed and validated the Virtual Production Solution [VIT] and AI-based Virtual Human Solution [VIPLE], thereby securing unrivalled competitiveness.

According to the CEO Stanley Kim, “VIVE STUDIOS has forged collaborations with prominent partners spanning diverse industry sectors, including entertainment, automotive, e-commerce, gaming, government, and more.”

The VP studio empowers clients to unleash the full spectrum of their creativity during shooting sessions. Moreover, the company offers its exclusive virtual production integrated operational solution, meticulously designed for auto lens calibration, XR calibration, and timeline-based stage operations – “all seamlessly managed through our intuitive UX/UI interface,” Kim adds.

The curved LED wall measures an impressive 27m by 7m and comprises AOTO RM2.3 LED panels. The studio team utilises eight 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and 12 Tessera XD 10G data distribution units to power this complex LED setup. Recently, the VIVE STUDIOS team added three more Tessera XD 10G data distribution units to their product roster, offering seamless integration with the Tessera SX40 LED processors to deliver a flexible, sophisticated single-box solution to deal with challenges associated with large LED display systems.

The VIVE STUDIOS VP facility is a dedicated space for virtual production and XR, and serves as a studio for TV and film productions. In-house experts such as Seo Junho, Executive Director of Virtual Production, and Keum Duckin, Senior Manager of Virtual Production, have collectively contributed to high-profile projects like Melon Music Award, CJ ENM AR online concert, MBC documentary ‘Meeting You’, KBS documentary ‘Kiss The Universe’, as well as HYBE Entertainment’s TXT ‘LOSER=LOVER’ music video, and various other productions.

“The VIVE STUDIOS VP facility supports the creation of content that transcends the boundaries of both technology and imagination,” says Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton. “We’re thrilled to witness their team employing industry-leading technological solutions such as our processing and AOTO LED displays to bring their clients’ creative visions to life.”

Kim concludes: “Thanks to Brompton’s Tessera LED processors, we can guarantee that the colour expression accuracy at our VP studio is ultra-realistic. We’re looking forward to working on upcoming projects such as KBS’s 50th anniversary epic historical drama, ‘Goryeo Khitan War’, which will be filmed at the studio and marks the very first Korean historical drama virtual production project – an incredibly exciting development!”


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