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Friday, June 14, 2024

Business Turning Point for Bharat Music with DiGiCo SD10

DiGiCo’s distributor for India, Hi-Tech Audio and Image, has achieved another DiGiCo landmark by supplying Udaipur-based rental company, Bharat Music, with its first DiGiCo SD10. “From small conferences to complex open-air concerts, DiGiCo has been the industry’s preferred choice for many years now,” says Vicky Sahu, Director, Bharat Music. “Looking at technical features and market demand, we felt that DiGiCo definitely fits our work profile.”

Immediately after purchasing the SD10, Bharat Music supplied the console to various eminent Bollywood artist’s live shows including Papon, Guru Randhawa, Mika Singh and Stebin Ben. As an emerging audio-video rental company in Rajasthan, Vicky Sahu and his team are known for providing specialised services for big corporate and grand wedding events.

“DiGiCo SD10’s flexible layout and intuitive operation is greatly appreciated by its users. The SD10 is a rider friendly console and very much in demand among production managers,” notes Satyam Rajvanshi, DiGiCo Application Engineer at Hi-Tech Audio and Image. “For anyone who has purchased DiGiCo as their first console, I would say that the investment is a very good decision. All DiGiCo consoles are user friendly, with a fully functional user interface that allows the engineer to mix with ease. Moreover, we are always there to train and support anyone who owns a DiGiCo console.”

Akshay Rajput, Sales and Marketing Manager from Hi-Tech Audio and Image, who is dedicated to the Rajasthan territory to promote DiGiCo amongst existing and prospective clients, adds, “As a young entrepreneur, Vicky Sahu is ambitious to upgrade his audio inventory to reach more business prospects. He understood that owning a DiGiCo console would open up new avenues in live entertainment shows across Rajasthan and we are glad to support and provide Bharat Music with their first DiGiCo console.”

There are currently 11 DiGiCo SD consoles across Rajasthan. That number is anticipated to rise with the growing demand among rental companies. “There is healthy competition among mixing console brands in the Indian market. As DiGiCo’s India distributor, we have to come up with effective sales strategies that can turn our prospects to patrons,” shares Nirdosh Aggarwal, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio and Image. “Regular demos and trainings are major pre-sales tools for us. We discussed Vicky Sahu’s requirements so we could advise on which DiGiCo console would be best suited for his inventory. To ensure the right products are provided, it’s very important to work together with clients. We welcome Bharat Music on-board with their newly purchased DiGiCo SD10 to join us in our venture.”

Rajan Gupta, CEO and Founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image is now leading the company with a progressive business vision for DiGiCo. “I am delighted that Bharat Music has chosen to go with DiGiCo as their first mixing console,” he concludes. “The SD10 has just about everything a mixing engineer needs onboard to make an artist’s stage sound good. We have been distributing DiGiCo to the Indian market for almost a decade now with professionalism and proficiency. For us, it’s a responsibility to establish DiGiCo as the go to mixing solution for the audio rental market and we are able to achieve that with the support of the DiGiCo team.”


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