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Sunday, July 14, 2024

CA Approves Change in Transmission Means of Fantastic TV

The Communications Authority (CA), pursuant to Conditions 10.2 and 30 of the domestic free television programme service (free TV) licence of Fantastic Television Limited (Fantastic TV), has approved Fantastic TV’s application to cease using microwave multipoint distribution system (MMDS) for transmission of its free TV service with effect from the 1st of June 2023.

As approved by the CA in February 2022, Fantastic TV has been using radio spectrum, on top of fixed network (viz. the hybrid fibre coaxial cable (HFC) network and MMDS operated by Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (HKCTV), the affiliated company of Fantastic TV), for transmission of its free TV service. Following the termination of the domestic pay television programme service licence of HKCTV with effect from 1 June 2023, Fantastic TV applied for the CA’s approval for cessation of the delivery of its free TV service via MMDS on the premise that Fantastic TV would continue to transmit its free TV service via radio spectrum and the HFC network.

In approving the application, the CA has considered whether Fantastic TV will comply with the territory-wide coverage requirement for its free TV service after completion of the said change in Fantastic TV’s transmission means. The CA notes that the coverage of Fantastic TV’s spectrum-based free TV service has reached at least 99 per cent of the Hong Kong population since September 2022, bringing it on par with that of other spectrum-based free TV licensees. As for those users currently receiving Fantastic TV’s free TV signals via HKCTV’s MMDS, most of them can receive Fantastic TV’s free TV signals through radio spectrum. Where necessary, Fantastic TV will provide technical support or other solutions to users upon request with a view to facilitating their continued reception of the relevant signals. Having considered the above factors, the CA is satisfied that the relevant users can continue to receive Fantastic TV’s free TV service via other means after the cessation of the use of MMDS to transmit Fantastic TV’s free TV service, thereby approving the application.

For enquiries about free TV reception as mentioned above, please call HKCTV’s hotline at 1832 821, Fantastic TV’s hotline at 2112 0678 or contact the Office of the Communications Authority at 2961 6333.


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