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Calrec’s Artemis Light Console Brings Versatility to Japan’s Bay FM

Japanese radio station Bay FM has installed an Artemis Light audio console from Calrec in its flagship Studio One, upgrading from its analogue system so that it can handle more elaborate broadcasts including live performances and on-air recording.

With five studios in total, Bay FM broadcasts music and news throughout the Chiba Prefecture. Studio One is designed to handle intricate setups including live performances. For this, Bay FM needed a console that was more sophisticated than its previous analogue unit, with improved sound quality and greater versatility.

Koji Anzai, Technical Manager, Bay FM Engineering Division, explained that the Artemis can easily be arranged vertically like an analogue mixer or by using the soft panels across the desk, which made the transition to it very easy, given his experience with analogue desks.

“Another consideration we made when deciding on a digital console was the amount of I/O and busses because we regularly host musical performances as well as talk shows. The performance and sound quality of the preamps was important to us, and the Artemis comes out on top in both of these areas when compared to other desks we tested. Multi-track playback/recording with Dante is also very easy with the modular Dante card, which has increased our workflow flexibility,” commented Anzai. He also highlighted the stability and reliability of the Artemis Light, crucial in a live broadcasting environment.

The installation was handled by Calrec’s official Japanese distributor, Hibino Intersound.

“The radio market in Asia and beyond, is a key growth area for us and this project with Bay FM illustrates the many different uses and applications for our Artemis console. Bay FM had very specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled. We’re very happy that the Artemis console surpassed their expectations and has allowed them to produce their shows to the standard they desire,” said Anthony Harrison, International Sales Manager, Calrec.

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