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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Canal+ Myanmar FG Installs Profuz Digital’s LAPIS to Manage Content Localisation

Canal+ Myanmar FG has selected Profuz LAPIS to manage localisation of thousands of hours of content, ensuring quality subtitling & file-format compliance for playout. System integration specialist PBT EU says the adoption of the Profuz LAPIS system at CANAL+ Myanmar FG is the first deployment of the technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

CANAL+ Myanmar FG is now currently implementing Profuz LAPIS to process, manage and control the localization of thousands of hours of legacy and newly produced content, ensuring quality of subtitling and file-format compliance towards playout and broadcast.

CANAL+ Group is the leading Pay-TV group in French-speaking countries, with a high international profile, boasting an ever-growing presence in fast-developing markets, such as Poland, Vietnam and recently Myanmar.

The CANAL+ Group launched activities in Myanmar in partnership with the leading private Burmese media group Forever Group, enabling subscribers to watch local and international content localized into Burmese, on DTT, DTH and mobile devices. 

Profuz LAPIS is a global business process and information management platform designed to create scalable customised modules that adapt to every type of complex business structure. It effectively connects all the dots that a business interacts with including multiple-companies, outsourcing, partners, suppliers and customers, while constantly adapting to the needs of the organisation.  

”Canal+ Myanmar FG is managing internally 9 in-house channels, implying a massive amount of media assets to secure, localize, index and control. Profuz LAPIS was the perfect match for us to combine a Media Asset Management with our specific internal workflows. PBT EU’s team has provided a strong support all along the project in order to customize the product according to our specifications and to make it a powerful solution, yet very user-friendly for our collaborators and partners.” states Maxime Woimant, Chief Technology and Information Officer at CANAL+ Myanmar FG.

“After productive and successful trials of the system at CANAL+ Myanmar FG, the team confirmed it was convinced that Profuz LAPIS was the right fit for them. The system delivered on user-access power, control and workflow definition possibilities, along with its scalability and flexibility required for the mammoth scope of vast deliverables. We very much look forward to working with Canal+ Myanmar FG as it continues to extend its global presence.” States PBT EU’s Sales Director & Partner Alexander Stoyanov.

Profuz Digital’s CTO, Kamen Ferdinandov notes, “Canal+ Group provides an extremely valuable service across the globe, and we are proud that Profuz LAPIS can play an important role with them in the ASEAN region. As a team that places our customers as first priority, we deeply value the relationship we have with Canal+ Myanmar FG and are well positioned to support their Pay-TV development in the region.”


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