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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Canberra’s 2XX FM Picks AEQ Digital Mixers for New Studios

2XX FM is Canberra’s oldest community radio station, running since 1973 on 98.3FM and now also online.

Recently, the technical management of the station has decided to renovate its two main radio studios. At the heart of the installation are two FORUM IP digital audio mixers from AEQ.

AEQ FORUM IP is a digital audio mixing console designed for ON AIR broadcast control. It features: automatic monitor cut, cough-cut, faderstart, signalling control, control signals for the automation of external equipment, management of external communications, intercommunication, etc.

With its modular design and small size, AEQ FORUM IP is suited to a wide range of scenarios: self-monitoring, control-locutory, television production controls, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.

AEQ FORUM IP provides AoIP multi-channel input and output modules with up to 64 input and output channels compatible with the new AES-67 protocol via DANTE technology. Through this connectivity, signals are selected and delivered to other consoles, routers, and other input and output terminal equipment from more than 350 different manufacturers.

In the case of 2XX’s installation, the central switching is handled by an AEQ NETBOX32 MX unit that works as the central router of the all-IP installation. The installation, configuration, commissioning and training was carried out by Broadcast Components, AEQ’s local partner, in direct communication with AEQ’s central technical services in Madrid.


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