Sunday, May 26, 2024

Carlton AFL Football Club Picks ChyronHego Coach Paint Telestration Tool

ChyronHego has announced that Australia’s Carlton AFL Football Club, also known as the Blues, will use ChyronHego’s Coach Paint to ensure that its players and staff stay aligned and can communicate clearly in the build-up to every game so that they are able to execute both tactically and technically.

“ChyronHego’s Coach Paint enables our analysis team to efficiently produce clips that aid in the development of our players, and it allows coaching points to be clearly reinforced. Importantly, the solution is simple to utilize and has transitioned seamlessly into our program,” said Jack Noble, Carlton Football Club analyst. “The customization of tools has enabled us to use familiar visual effects for the group. It has become an integral part of our preview and review routine.”

In 1897 the Blues were one of the eight founding member clubs of the Australian Football League (AFL, formerly known as the Victorian Football League). Carlton has historically been one of the AFL’s most successful clubs, having won 16 senior VFL/AFL premierships, tied for the most of any club.

Ease of use and turnaround time of producing and exporting a clip made Coach Paint the telestration tool of choice for the Blues. Coach Paint helps the Blues maximize feedback before, during, and after a game, which is important in such a physical, fierce sport as Australian rules football with its substantial mix of players, personalities, and learning styles.

“Working with Carlton Football Club has been fantastic, as they have really given us open access into the everyday workflow of an AFL club,” said Craig Inness, sports performance and technology specialist, ChyronHego. “That access enabled us to further tailor our offering to their club and to the league itself.”


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