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CEDAR Ensures Clear Sound at Singapore’s New Creation Church

When you’re preaching to upward of 35,000 attendees per week, there’s lots of potential for noise and other audio problems in the FOH sound, live broadcasts and recordings. So, the New Creation Church in Singapore has turned to two CEDAR devices to ensure intelligibility and provide clean audio in real-time.

With more than ten years of experience, the head of audio for the New Creation Church is Isaac E., who’s responsible for all live sound, recording and audio post, and he manages both the church’s live and on-line delivery.

He said, “During the services, we use omni headset microphones for preaching because we feel that they give us a better result and don’t have the proximity issues that are associated with directional headset mics. But omnis pick up a lot of noise, especially with a live audience in the room. To help with this, we run the audio from the mic receivers through a pair of CEDAR DNS 8 Lives before it reaches the consoles and the usual processing that you would expect such as compression, de-essing and EQ. This works great for the live sound, as well as for our broadcast and recording audio guys who have cleaner source channels to work with.

“When we’re on tour or recording on location and we want to travel light we use a CEDAR DNS 2 for our pastor’s headset mic. This keeps our audio guys happy, not least because it’s so much easier to travel with the DNS 2 than the DNS 8 Lives. We use an insert and return on one of the consoles and send that channel to the rest of the consoles, which means that we get a DNS channel but still have a raw audio channel as a backup. The DNS 2 also allows us to produce high-quality location recordings without background noise.

“We decided to have this level of processing in view of our team’s desire to deliver quality broadcast content that is free from distraction, and we found CEDAR’s noise suppression to be quick and adaptive without damaging the audio. It’s especially useful when we’re in a live setting where the audio can’t be fixed in post, and our FOH guys also found that the DNSs allow them to use more gain before feedback.”


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