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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Chello Chooses Storage Solutions from Digistor and EditShare

Chello is an agency that believes the role of brand has never been more important. They also bridge the gap between brand and content and promote the ethos that when you know who you are as a brand and what you represent, what you say and what you create all becomes a lot more meaningful. Chello also adopt a similar forward-thinking approach to their technology and data storage solutions, which recently they upgraded with Digistor and EditShare.

Chello co-founder and Creative Director, Tristan Velasco, explained, “We had just moved to new offices and figured it was the right time to upgrade our storage solutions. Previously, we were using Synology NAS’ but we knew we needed something that was more reliable at much higher speeds – particularly to be able to edit 4K+ footage. We had been speaking to a number of agencies that we knew in video production and EditShare had been mentioned a few times. When we got in touch with Digistor, it was the one they recommended as well, so we felt confident enough that it would be the right system for us.”

Due to the calibre of their work Chello’s requirements were significant. They had installed 10GB Ethernet cables across their office, so each of the workstations could support that connection speed. Thus, the storage solution also had to be up to the job, especially when their creatives had to work on video projects directly from the server.

They also required automated backup and archive solutions, via archiware, in order to be able to easily back up and archive projects. Then the storage solution had to be easily scalable and everyone in the agency needed to have remote access to the server through the company’s network.

Velasco added, “Put simply, the EditShare solution easily met all of our requirements and we are yet to even maximise how we use EditShare FLOW.”

In total Chello purchased EditShare’s EFS software defined ecosystem and EditShare FLOW media management for their data storage solution and daily workflow.

Typically, they use EFS to store all recent and live projects across video, animation and design and manage all project files via a templated folder structure. This contains all raw footage and source files including photography, 3D assets, illustrations, all project files and their various versions, delivery files across video, animation and design and production related files.

Velasco continued, “When we were researching the benefits of EditShare I remember other solutions being in the mix but, based on the recommendations from Digistor and our own subsequent research, we felt EditShare was by far the best solution that met our needs at the time and into the future. The main thing for us was how smart EditShare products are and how the entire EditShare solution was put together for us by Digistor. We had a really clear idea on what it needed to do based on our requirements above and it met all of those requirements.”

According to Velasco their EditShare solution and relationship with Digistor give Chello a clear edge as he concluded, “From a technology and workflow perspective, the edge EditShare gives us is primarily around the speed at which we are able to work on projects requiring really large file sizes, the security of our backup systems and archive systems. It’s second to none. We’ve been working with Digistor for many years now and without having an IT department, the team that we work with there really feel like they’re an extension of our team. They are incredibly responsive to any request – especially emergencies, are patient with managing our requests and are just really nice people. Especially for me, who had managed all IT issues prior to the engagement, it has saved me a lot of time being able to rely on Digistor to support myself and the team. In other words, Digistor are an absolute 10 out of 10 for me.”

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