Monday, May 27, 2024

China Mobile’s MIGU Picks VisualOn for Video Streaming Solutions

VisualOn, a streaming solutions provider and pioneer of VR technology, has announced a partnership with China Mobile Communications Corporation’s subsidiary MIGU Video Co., Ltd. to transform the mobile video experience using technologies including the VisualOn MultiStream Sync feature, multi-angle view, augmented and virtual reality (VR), and low latency live streaming.

China Mobile is the world’s largest telecom operator, with more than 940 million customers, including over 55 million 5G customers. MIGU has the rights to the largest digital content library in China and has partnerships with many leading global content providers and sports leagues, such as the National Basketball Association. Enhancing the user experience through innovative playback features will help China Mobile continue to grow its 5G subscriber base and become a global technology leader.

VisualOn is providing custom development services as an extension of China Mobile’s R&D team to bring specialised playback expertise to the project. Together, they will be deploying MultiStream Sync on the MIGU video platform, which allows users to view multiple camera angles on the same screen and seamlessly switch between the streams to choose the optimal, customized viewing experience.

Additionally, they are pioneering the real-world applications of VR through five key areas: live broadcasting, education, gaming, sports, and movies. VisualOn and VLA VR will enable China Mobile to stream high-quality, low latency, ultra-reliable VR content for MIGU users on VR devices, mobile phones, tablets, and Android TV. The significant improvements in latency and bandwidth offered by 5G make these types of advanced features a reality and provide a clear value proposition for subscribers to upgrade.

“China Mobile has very ambitious plans for MIGU as a way to revolutionise the consumption of streaming content,” said Michael Jones, Head of Product and Business Development of VisualOn. “Deploying MultiStream Sync, as well as augmented and virtual reality support offers something that’s really ahead of the curve in the industry. Furthermore, we are in a unique position to help China Mobile develop the next generation of multi-angle and multi-view technology that goes beyond anything seen so far. We are thrilled to work with a leader in the wireless space to build and deploy these solutions.”


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