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Friday, June 14, 2024

China’s iQIYI Launches Review Platform for Original Productions

Chinese online entertainment service iQIYI Inc. has launched Co-Viewer, a video review and collaboration platform, and Co-Time, a plug-in that integrates content editing to the video review process. 

According to iQIYI, Co-Viewer presents a new review workflow to help tackle these challenges. With functions such as secure storage, file sharing, variable speed and frame-by-frame playback, drawing and annotation, and version comparison, Co-Viewer enhances the efficiency of video review. Meanwhile, when integrated with Co-Viewer, Premiere’s editing software plug-in Co-Time can directly locate reviewing comments on the editing timeline, relieving editors the need to match comments to points in time. This marks the first time that a content reviewing platform is integrated with editing software, and the improved efficiency is especially felt amongst post-production teams working across time zones. Since the software tools put production teams in the same communication channel, it enables producers across regions and countries to view multiple versions of comments simultaneously, tag different versions, and communicate with each other in real-time.

Co-Viewer and Co-Time were recently used in the post-production of The Tales of Wonder Keepers, an iQIYI original 3D animation adventure series produced by teams in China and Russia, and helped overcome the challenges of remote collaboration among staff living 6000 kilometers and five time zones apart. The post-production efforts of a wide-ranging set of iQIYI contents have taken advantage of the increased efficiency Co-Viewer and Co-Time offer since the tools’rollout. In addition to The Tales of Wonder Keepers, the teams at Babydino Tales, GLORY IS BACK and FENG QI LUOYANG were also among the first to experience the efficiency boost.

“The key to streamlining the video reviewing process lies in making information clear, easily sharable, and connected – something that technological tools can easily facilitate.” said the head of iQIYI’s online video review platform.


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