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Friday, May 31, 2024

Christie Powers 360-Degree VR Laboratory in Shanghai

Christie is proud to announce that its GS Series 1DLP laser projectors are powering an innovative 360-degree immersive VR laboratory at a prestigious national public research university in Shanghai, China.

This state-of-the-art facility represents a major milestone in immersive education, providing students with an unparalleled virtual reality experience. The stunning 2D and 3D visuals displayed on the surrounding screen are achieved by 20 Christie DWU7062-GS laser projectors, delivering a 16K super resolution. The projectors were supplied, commissioned, and installed by Christie’s trusted partner, Liancheng Digital. This landmark setup, which boasts 3D positioning and tracking functions, is the first of its kind built by a Chinese university. It optimises talent training and creates new opportunities for experiential learning.

“This cutting-edge facility features advanced projection and 3D interactive technologies, and is poised to transform the way our students learn and engage with virtual environments,” said Associate Professor Zhongding Jiang, who oversees the immersive VR laboratory. “With Christie’s high-performance GS Series and our technological expertise in immersive VR systems, we are confident that this facility will empower our students to explore new frontiers of knowledge and creativity.”

Liancheng Digital’s Role in the Establishment of the Laboratory

Yueyi Wu, general manager, Liancheng Digital, added, “We are honoured to play a role in the establishment of this groundbreaking immersive VR laboratory. The Christie DWU7062-GS laser projectors, with their superior image quality and reliability, are instrumental in creating an ideal environment for virtual simulation teaching. We are delighted to contribute to the advancement of education and innovation through this remarkable collaboration with one of China’s top universities.”

Assuring Image Quality and Stability

To ensure impeccable image quality and stability, Dr. Jiang’s department collaborated closely with Liancheng Digital throughout the design, installation, and commissioning stages. Highlighting the advantages of the Christie DWU7062-GS projectors, Dr. Jiang said, “Their compact footprint allowed for strategic placement to accommodate two columns within the laboratory while ensuring optimal heat dissipation. Additionally, during the commissioning stage, meticulous calibration was performed on the projectors’ internal optical path, brightness, and colour consistency. These efforts were crucial in ensuring that the VR system consistently delivers impeccable image clarity and uniformity on the screen.”

360-Degree Virtual Reality System

According to Dr. Jiang, the establishment of this immersive VR laboratory showcases the university’s success in independently constructing a 360-degree virtual reality system and represents the culmination of extensive R&D efforts, including the use of lighthouse laser positioning technology. The laboratory provides a platform for students and educators from all disciplines to engage in virtual simulation teaching and hands-on experiences, fostering an environment for cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

April Qin, senior sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “We are thrilled that our GS Series laser projectors are chosen as the preferred projection system for this pioneering immersive VR laboratory. It is a clear demonstration of our commitment to delivering unrivalled visual experiences and driving innovation in education. Our tried-and-tested GS Series is well-positioned to pave the way for a new era of experiential learning, enabling students to engage in captivating virtual simulation within this advanced VR environment.”

Featuring laser illumination, the Christie GS Series eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of low-cost operation. Wireless connectivity, a small footprint, low-weight, whisper-quiet operation, and a full range of lenses make them ideal for demanding, high-use applications. Select models come with onboard Christie Twist​ warping and blending software, and Christie Mystique​ automated camera-based alignment tools, making​ setup, alignment, ​recalibration, and maintenance of multi-projector systems quick and easy.


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