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Thursday, July 25, 2024

CNBC Indonesia Upgrades to Etere 30.3

An Etere user since 2018, CNBC Indonesia has upgraded to the Etere 30.3 MAM and play-out platform.

Launched in 2018, CNBC Indonesia is owned by Trans Media in collaboration with Comcast’s NBC Universal. The station selected Etere ETX and Etere Master Control to streamline the playout automation of its news programs. 

Etere ETX is a complete Channel-in-a-Box software that provides all the features needed to bring a channel on-air. Integrated features include closed captions and subtitling, support for multi-resolution playout (4k/HD/SD), support for NDI, IP and SDI global standards, support for cloud and virtual machines, integrated IT-based master control for multi-channel playout and advanced graphics overlays of up to 8 layers. CNBC Indonesia uses Etere software to insert tickers showing breaking news and financial market updates. With the integrative advantages of Etere Ecosystem framework, information from multiple teams is delivered seamlessly across applications in real-time.

ETX can also be integrated with Etere Master Control to enable a multi-functional and integrated playout system that works on any standard Windows PC. In addition, Etere provides one of the fastest data transfers on the market with Etere Data Mover, the application that moves data to where it needs to be via customisable workflows. 

Highlights of Etere 30.3 include:

  • Modern new GUI for Etere Studio Player with enhanced features such as asset search panel and saved playlist panel
  • Preview of media files from the relationship tab in the media library
  • View prompter text and layout of story in asset metadata form in Etere Media Asset Management
  • Search by asset’s physical start in media library
  • Edit flexi-metadata on new asset form
  • Put a news story on hold in rundown with a single button
  • Generate Service Access Log report in EtereWeb
  • New audio-mapping feature in Etere Executive Scheduling to insert breaks display with group spots, insert counter on break or insert display of cue events in addition to on-air event
  • Insert the language of .mov files as metadata in the asset form for tracks mapping; and more


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